26 Apr

Community Games – This Sunday, 28th April

The Goatstown Community Games will take place this Sunday (28th) at 1pm on Rosemount playing fields. Volunteer helpers are asked to come at 12.30pm. Hopefully Storm Hannah will be well and truly behind us by then!

The order of Races
Under 8 60m
U8 80m
U10 100m
U12 100m
U14 100m
U16 100m
U10 200m
U16 200m
U12 600m
U14 800m

Age Categories 2019
Year Born, Month, Age Category
2014 all year U8
2013 all year U8
2012 all year U8
2011 01 Jan – 31 July U10
2011 01 Aug – 31 Dec U8
2010 all year U10
2009 01 Jan – 31 July U12
2009 01 Aug – 31 Dec U10
2008 all year U12
2007 01 Jan – 31 July U14
2007 01 Aug – 31 Dec U12
2006 all year U14
2005 01 Jan – 31 July U16
2005 01 Aug – 31 Dec U14
2004 all year U16
2003 01 Jan – 31 July n/a
2003 01 Aug – 31 Dec U16

11 Apr

Community Games – Sun 28th April

Goatstown Community Games’ Logo

This year’s community games will take place on Sunday 28th April in Rosemount field, starting at 1pm with registration and a warm up. This will be followed by under 6 years races and then the qualification races for under 8 years up to 14 years. There will also be a long puc competition. We may be able to facilitate other field sports but it is dependent on volunteers.

We will need assistance with setting up, registration and race coordination (start line, holding the tape on the end line etc). If you can volunteer on the day please let us know in advance. We would appreciate it if volunteers can arrive by 12.30 pm to help set-up and get familiar with the tasks in advance.

Dáithí will coordinate the setup, Shane will be managing the registration and John will be the overall race coordinator.

Goatstown Community Games Strip Design

Based on Riona Ferriter’s prize winning design!
01 Oct

Community Games Update 2018

A Rundown of Events So Far

Following the success of a children’s Sports Day which we ran in the summer of 2017, we agreed there was enough interest to enter a new Area in the Dublin Community Games.

A number of us meet with a representative of the Community Games to discuss what was needed to create this new area.
– We needed to all get Garda-vetted
– We needed to come up with a name – Roebuck
– We needed to create a boundary for an area not already contained within an existing Community Games Area. We intentionally kept it small for the first year
– We needed to set up a committee, which was made up of Chair Daithí Ó hAoláin, Treasurer Cathal Cavanagh, Secretary Aoibhinn Woods, Assistant Secretary Shane Cotter and Children’s Officer Aoife Cavanagh.
– We needed to register all this on the Community Games website
– We need to seek approval to use the Rosemount sports fields and book our timeslots in advance.
– We needed to run a local Sports Day event for the Roebuck area. This was run on a Sunday afternoon, 22nd April, at 1.30pm on the Rosemount playing field.

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27 May

Goatstown Community Games – Logo and Strip Competition

Thanks to Aoife Cavanagh who organised a great competition for the kids in Our Lady’s Grove. The kids were asked to enter a competition to design a logo and a strip for the Goatstown Community Games. The talent displayed was impressive, and after much deliberating first prize went to Riona Ferriter for her great “pensive goat on a rocky summit” logo and “stripes of glory” strip design. Second prize went to Javier Almendros Muñoz for his classic “diagonal dynamic” strip and “goat with a cheeky twinkle in his eye” logo. Fantastic work all round. It was left to our resident graphic elf to turn the winning design into print-ready artwork for the manufacturer. (There better be some medals won in Santry after all this…)

20 May

Community Games Winners

The winners of our Sports Day will be taking part in the Dublin Community Games in Santry on the 9th and 10th June. They will be taking part in a range of events such as 60m, 80m, 100m, 200m, 600m, 800m, relays, long puck and finally shot put. One individual event per participant.

Dublin Community Games Event – 9th and 10th June.
• Heats and semi-finals on the 9th June (opening parade usually begins at 10:30am followed by the events).
• Finals on the 10th June.
These are the Roebuck kids who will be participating:
Paddy O’Mahony
Ally Lenane
Evie Lenane
Liam Leonard
Hugo Dooney
Ryan Nolan
Emilie O’Brien
Aoife Leonard
Ruan Leonard
Zayad Omar
Lara Connell
Molly O’Carroll
Julieanne Mercer
Ava Mercer
Thomas Snodden
Trudy Mollins
Anna Cantwell
Rian Cotter
Matthew Peters
Neil Hannafin
Saorla Ferriter
Enya Ferriter
Riona Ferriter
Drew O’Malley
Well done and good luck everyone! Thanks to the Community Games team for doing a great job organising this, in particular to Shane, Cathal, Daithí, Aoibhinn, Aoife and Suzanne. I’m sure I’ve left someone out…
27 Apr

Community Games – Everyone’s a Winner!

The Goatstown Community Games, that were held on Rosemount field last Sunday 22nd April, were a great success. The weather wasn’t the best – cold with some showers, but it didn’t stop all the hardened Goatstown athletes from competing. It was lovely to see so many kids trying their best to get a medal. Well done to all the competitors, and a huge thanks to the organisers for all your hard work. Next stop Santry!

Also, well done to all the OLG kids who designed and created the beautiful posters which could be seen around the area last week.

Thanks too to Smart Dental, the new dental clinic down at the shops, who were there to hand out bottles of water and rice krispie cakes (unusual dental marketing technique). Welcome to the neighbourhood.


19 Apr

Goatstown Community Games Sports Day

Our Community Games Sports Day will be held this coming Sunday, 22nd April, at 1.30pm in Rosemount field.

These are the events that will be run on the day:

  • Novelty Events for under 6
  • 60 Metres Under 8 years Boys & Girls
  • 80 Metres Under 8 years Boys & Girls
  • 100 Metres Under 10 years Boys & Girls
  • 200 Metres Under 10 years Boys & Girls
  • 100 Metres Under 12 years Boys & Girls
  • 600 Metres Under 12 years Boys & Girls
  • 100 Metres Under 14 years Boys & Girls
  • 800 Metres Under 14 years Boys & Girls
  • 100 Metres Under 16 years Boys & Girls
  • 200 Metres Under 16 years Boys & Girls
  • Long Puck Under 12 years Boys
  • Long Puck Under 14 years Girls

A Facebook page has been set up for Goatstown Community Games. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/Goatstown-Community-Games-165113350808183/

24 Jan

Community Games – Meeting Wed 31st

There will be a meeting about the setting up of a local Community Games area next Wednesday, 31st January, from 8.45pm to 9.30pm in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Someone from Community Games will be there.

As you may know, some residents are in the process of setting up a local group for the Community Games. For many years the children of this area could not compete in the Community Games due to there being no group set up here. So this is a great initiative, and one the Residents’ Association fully supports, and is actively helping where we can. The Community Games covers many different team and individual sports, as well as lots of other activities. For example did you know Art, Handwriting, and even Model Making are some of the events children can compete in?
(More info here.)

So what’s the next step?
There will be a meeting next Wednesday evening (31st Jan) from 8.45pm to 9.30pm in Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The purpose of this meeting is to:
1. Provide an update on the Community Games
2. Form a committee to allow entry into the Community Games
3. Kick-off a Sports Day conversation, which will most likely happen in April/ May.

What we want from you?
Please come along to this meeting if you are interested in this initiative. Or if you think you might send your kids to compete in any of the stages, please consider helping out the very small number of people who are behind this. They really need people to help out, or it won’t get off the ground. You can offer as much or as little time as you can spare.

Some documents from the Community Games:
1. Schedule for 2018 (Provisional)
2. Full list of activities/sports

To sign off, here’s an often-overlooked classic from times past