24 Oct 2019

Judicial Review – OLG Development

As you are probably all aware, the developer Durkan applied for planning for the site at the back of the campus via the Strategic Housing Development scheme, the fast-track process. The development is to consist of 132 units, in 3 five storey apartment blocks, 19 houses, a new afterschool building, and a smaller 3 storey apartment block.

At the end of August An Bord Pleanála granted permission for this development in its entirety. There were approximately 50 objections in total – from residents, parents at the schools, various politicians, as well as from the Residents’ Association. The CEO of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council recommended in her report that planning be refused, as the development contravened The County Development Plan. The Council’s argument was that the conditions associated with the “Inst” designation on the zoning were not being followed. However despite this, An Bord Pleanála decided to go ahead and award planning, with no significant conditions attached.

This was a very disappointing decision, and one that will not only have an impact on our community, but also a decision that effectively negates the protection afforded to Institutionally zoned land in the whole of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown.

Judicial Review
There is no facility for appeal with the SHD/ fast track process. It also appears that the Council’s opinion is effectively meaningless. Certainly in this case it did not appear to be a significant weighting factor. The only option to review the decision after permission is granted is to request a Judicial Review at the High Court. The prohibitive cost of this means that most people are not in a position to take this route. Also it is worth noting that a Judicial Review can only be taken on a point of law, not on the planning decisions.

A resident on Friarsland Road is taking the case to the High Court. His case makes various points but the main ones relate to the superceding of the zoning. It is an absurd situation that this resident is effectively defending ALL “Inst” zoned land in the whole of Dún Laoghaire Rathdown. This judgement will be relevant to all land zoned this way across the county. The prohibitive cost means that this resident has no choice but to take the case himself, without legal representation.

Last week leave to apply for a judicial review was granted. An Bord Pleanála and Durkan will most likely be submitting their own arguments, and the hearing will take place on December 17th. The judge’s decision may or may not be made on that date.

The Residents’ Association is fully supportive of this resident’s actions, and applaud him on his remarkable achievement to date.

08 Oct 2019

Community, Cultural and Civic Facilities in Dundrum – Association’s Submission

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council commissioned work on an Action Plan for Community, Cultural and Civic for Dundrum. A public consultation was part of this plan. The Residents’ Association submitted a response outlining the lack of civic, cultural, community, park and leisure facilities in the Plan Area, as well as the poor public cycling and pedestrian provisions, and inadequate permeability between locations.

The areas we focus on in our submission are:

  1. Main Civic, Cultural and Community facility:
    Location: Dundrum Village centre.
  2. Dundrum Park with provision for Indoor and Outdoor Recreation
    Location: Central Mental Hospital (CMH) Site
  3. Improving Liveability by improving walking and Cycling infrastructure
    Location: All

You can download and read this submission here.

08 Oct 2019

Central Mental Hospital – LDA’s Thinking

An eagle-eyed member of the Association’s committee spotted the Land Development Agency’s submission to the recent Dundrum Local Area Plan’s public consultation process. It gives an interesting insight into the LDA’s plans for this site.

From our reading of it, the thinking at the time of the submission seems to be:
1) Keeping and refurbishment of buildings to the north.
2) High housing density (Note, 1,500 units is mentioned but that has since been revised down to 1,200 on the LDA’s website).
3) ‘Connections to the wider community’
4) Minimising car parking and ‘reliance on private car commuting’
5) Addition of 2nd vehicle entrance – ‘For emergency purposes’. 

You can download and view the submission here. (Word .docx, 2.9MB)

12 Sep 2019

Public Consultation – Community, Cultural and Civic Facilities in Dundrum

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has commissioned work on an Action Plan for Community, Cultural and Civic for Dundrum, and that work has already begun.The Action Plan will propose what community, cultural and civic facilities will be needed in the area over the next 20 years.

A public consultation begins on Thursday (September 5th) for a four week period. This is a great opportunity for local people to make the case again for a new Civic Centre at the heart of Dundrum Village, including a modern library and additional community facilities. 

You can find out more here: https://dlrcoco.citizenspace.com/planning/dundrum-community-cultural-civic-action-plan-cccap/. The consultation period runs from Thursday September 5th 2019 to Thursday October 3rd inclusive.

It only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and it is anonymous for private individuals.

Update 8/10/19:
Read the Residents’ Association’s submission here.

11 Sep 2019

Charles Hurst Site – Goatstown Road

It has been reported in the Irish Times today that the 0.84 acre former Charles Hurst car showroom site on the Goatstown Road, has been sold to developer Charles O’Reilly-Hyland for €6.6 million.

It is zoned for residential development, and apparently was sold with the benefit of a feasibility study which indicated the potential for a residential scheme of 75 apartments (subject to planning permission). Will they try for 100 apartments to qualify for the fast-track Strategic Housing Development process? We’ll have to wait and see.


09 Sep 2019

New Secondary School in IGB – Patronage

Mothers, fathers and guardians of children who are due to enrol in secondary school from 2020-2024 (if your child is currently in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th class) in the Goatstown/Stillorgan area are being invited to complete a new online survey (patronage.education.gov.ie). It will remain open until October 4th.

Parents can use the online survey to select which model of patronage they prefer and whether they want English or Irish as the language of instruction.

We still have no idea when the two schools will be built on the site. The primary school opened this month, in a temporary location in Sandyford. The secondary school is due to open next September.

02 Sep 2019

IGB – Update and Zoning

Minister Shane Ross, and Minister Josepha Madigan recently leafleted the area to announce the completion of the sale of the IGB to the Department of Education. Both letters mentioned that two schools will be located on the site. A primary Educate Together school, which is now being temporarily located in Sandyford, and also a 800 pupil secondary school (due to open next September). The patronage of the secondary school is yet to be announced. A voting process to determine the patronage will start soon.

Minister Ross’ letter also mentioned that the County Development Plan would need to be altered (i.e. the zoning of the site) to accommodate the new schools. “Educational purposes” are permitted in principle under the current (F) zoning for this site, so we surprised to see that in the letter. There is a restriction in place regarding F zoning – only 40% of the site can be built on (this includes surface car-parking). We asked Minister Ross for clarification, and this is the response:

With regard to your query; as it stands the site is currently zoned F meaning development covering 40% of the site can take place. That should be enough to cater for one school, however if both schools are built on the IGB site, which is the intention, it will have to be redesignated and voted on by local councillors. It could be done by earmarking the site as School Development Initiative as part of the review of the County Development Plan which is taking place in the next 12-18 months.

Cllr. Anne Colgan is also following this up at Council level with the Head of Planning. We will post a follow-up when we get it.

30 Aug 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Decision Made

An Bord Pleanála made the decision to grant permission for Phase 2 of the OLG development. No substantial conditions were included as part of the grant of permission. It’s a shocking and disappointing result, not only for the residents most affected, but also for the Councillors, T.D., and Council Executive who recommended that permission be refused. The Council view the development as being in breach of the County Development Plan. The issue is in relation to the “Inst” designation on the zoning. However An Bord Pleanála clearly do not agree.

We would like to thank all our elected representatives who supported the residents in trying to stop, or modify, this development. Particular thanks goes to Catherine Martin T.D., Cllr. Jim O’Leary, Cllr. Anne Colgan, Cllr. Barry Saul, and Cllr. Sean O’Loughlin, for all your efforts on our behalf.

You can view the ABP Order, Direction and Inspector’s Report PDFs here.

If you wish to view the DLRCoCo Executive Report, and also, all the observations made, you can find these on the DLR Planning website. The reference number to search for is: ABP30442019. There are 8 pages of documents for this application, the report and observations can be found on the 8th page.

Earlier posts relating to this can be found here:
http://www.roebuckresidents.com/olg-phase-2-plans/ and

20 Aug 2019

Public Consultation – Strategic Housing Developments

In July we made a submission to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government in relation to the proposed extension of the Strategic Housing Development process (the fast track planning process). This was a public consultation by the Department to review its operation and effectiveness. We based the submission on our experience with the latest planning application in Our Lady’s Grove for 132 units.

You can open and view the submission here.