18 Nov

New Dundrum LAP – Issues Paper

The Issues Paper for the new Dundrum Local Area Plan has just been released. This is the first draft of a LAP for the Dundrum area. It’s an important document for the residents of Roebuck and surrounding areas, as it’ll be an opportunity for us to comment on future development and associated infrastructure in our locality.

It is particularly interesting for us, as the area proposed includes the Central Mental Hospital, Rosemount, and Mount Carmel Avenue. Considering the Central Mental Hospital is being developed in the near future (approx 1,500 units), this document will probably be the main opportunity we have for any sort of input into the planning issues around this. (Providing the LAP is finalised before the development process begins.)

The Issues Paper attempts to highlight the most significant issues that may be of interest but the list is by no means exhaustive and other issues may be raised by the general public and other interested parties.

If you wish to contribute, please make a submission to the Planning Authority at this Pre-Draft stage before 5pm,  Friday 14th December, 2018.

Two Information Sessions for members of the public will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday 27th November 2018 Council Offices, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum
3.00pm – 8.00pm

Tuesday 11th December 2018 Council Offices, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum
3.00pm – 8.00pm

To view this document, click here:

06 Nov

OLG Hockey Pitch – Appeal to An Bord Pleanála

A resident on Friarsland Road has submitted an appeal to An Bord Pleanála in relation to the planning application for the hockey pitch in OLG. The Residents’ Association will be making an observation on this Appeal. Any other interested party is also able to make an observation. The cost is €50, and we believe the final date for submission is 26th November (this needs to be confirmed). The Appeal Ref. No. is ABP-302898-18.

The main points of this appeal are:

  • DLR assessment of the response to the RFI  and the Grant of Permission dated 4th October 2018 have virtually no relationship with the original requirements of DLR and are inadequate.
  • Master Plan provided on a “without prejudice” basis did not cover the entire site or even the School Campus.
  • Orientation of Hockey Pitch against the recommendations Hockey Ireland, International Hockey Federation, Hockey England etc. on the grounds of player safety and playability.
  • Tree removal including a specimen Beech tree on the proposed site – Tree symbol on site – “To protect and preserve trees and woodlands”.
  • Major Non Compliance with Planning Permission D07A/1504 – Provision of 100 Bicycle Stands/CCTV/Lighting at west gable Secondary school. This is the same site for the access road to the proposed Hockey Pitch.
  • Non Compliance – Provision of outdoor Basketball Court for Secondary school use – west of school.
  • Fire and Emergency Vehicle Access (Primary and Secondary School) – Site now sold (Option Site). The Primary school site that was granted permission in 2008 was 1.27ha, and this included a grassed play area for the Primary school. This grassed play area is the Fire Brigade access to both the primary school and the back of the secondary school (this is part of the planning conditions). Since the sale of land in 2017, this area is now private property. Read More
12 Oct

IGB – New Owners (Again)

Thanks to some good detective work by our neighbours, Taney Area Residents’ Association, it appears that there are now new owners of the IGB.

We recently posted that Jennifer Coyle was the new owner (since June 2018), but now it looks like the site changed hands again in August. The new owners are:

1. Killiney Estates Ltd (C.R.O. ref. 29339)
The Herbert Building, The Park, Carrickmines, Dublin 18

2. Brennanstown Property Consultancy Services Ltd (C.R.O. ref. 436849)
Cuana Bui, Brennanstown Vale, Brennanstown Road, Dublin 18

Killiney Estates Limited seems to be connected to Park Developments and Michael Cotter, and Brennanstown Property Consultancy seems to belong to Tim Crowley.

These are the same people who set up the company Goatstown Cemetery Park Limited in 2015.

Click here to view the folio document from the Land Registry that confirms ownership.

With all the activity on the site over the last couple of weeks, something must surely be afoot?

12 Oct

OLG Hockey Pitch – Permission Granted

DLR planners recently (4th Oct) granted permission for the hockey pitch planning application at the Jesus and Mary Secondary School, OLG.

There were six conditions attached, none of which pertained to the points originally raised by the planners when requesting further information, except one relating to our observation requesting community access.

“2. The reasonable use of the hockey pitch outside of school hours shall be made available where feasible and appropriate and where it will be of benefit to the wider community. The existing car parking shall be made available to facilitate this.”

The points raised by the planners relating to a Masterplan requirement, the justification of the reduction in school site size, or the requirement for a pedestrian/cycle entrance onto Friarsland Road, are not referenced in the conditions attached to permission being granted.

It’s a curious response from the planners. One which will no doubt have ramifications for the residential development planning application, which we believe is to go in soon.

Click here to read the notification of decision to grant permission.

04 Oct

OLG Hockey Pitch – Additional Information

The awaited response for additional information regarding the OLG hockey pitch planning application was recently submitted by Tom Phillips and Associates (Durkan’s town planners) on 13th September 2018, on behalf of the BOM of the secondary school.

The details (22 pages) can be found on the DLR planning website, or you can download the PDF here (7mb).

The developers have sought S.C. legal opinion and have challenged the Council on a number of points they claim are Ultra Vires (beyond their legal power or authority).

The main responses are:

  • BOM advise that request for Masterplan ultra vires.
  • Third parties (that would be Durkan most likely) not bound by Masterplan.
  • Agree to submit Masterplan on “Without Prejudice” basis. (Their submitted Masterplan is merely a drawing of the existing planning application).
  • Reason for new Hockey Pitch site is that existing site sold subject to purchasers providing all weather pitch.
  • Sale of land not subject to planning control (DLR cannot impose restrictions outside new site)
  • 330 pupils in secondary school – primary school separate – so site size not relevant
  • Does not prohibit expansion as 2040sq. meter area still available (this area is the bit taken up by portacabins, plus a small bit of green area beside the tennis courts)
  • Hockey club not named – they are only in discussion.
  • DLR cannot require school to provide unrestricted access to third parties (no community access?).
  • DLR does not have power to impose condition requiring right of way for cyclists / pedestrians access – request for same ultra vires.

If DLR was to accept these points would this mean that the main development site would suddenly become non institutional lands and be exempt from all the relevant Development Plans (2016-2022)?

DLR planners can chose to accept/reject this response from the developers in arriving at their decision.

There is also an issue of the orientation of the proposed new pitch. Currently the old one is North-South. The new proposal would turn it East-West. For health and safety reasons this is contrary to best practice, as recommended by Hockey Ireland/ Sport England/ International Hockey Federation.

Some earlier posts about this planning application:

13 Aug

Dublin Bus Redesign – Public Sessions

The National Transport Authority is running local public information sessions on the redesign of the Dublin Bus Network.

Thursday 23rd August
Dundrum Town Centre, Sandyford Road, Dundrum, Dublin 16
2pm to 8pm

Friday 31st August
Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan Road, Co. Dublin
2pm to 8pm

Friday 7th September
Rathfarmham Shopping Centre, Rathfarmham, Dublin 14
2pm to 8pm

Tuesday 11th September
Ballsbridge Hotel, Pembroke Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
3pm to 7pm

Friday 14th September
Bloomfields Shopping Centre, Dún Laoghaire, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
2pm to 8pm

You can see the interactive map and other information here: www.busconnects.ie

26 Jul

IGB – New Confirmed Owner

As reported in the Irish Times recently Jennifer Coyle (Seán Dunne’s first wife) is now the owner of the entire IGB site. The last we heard was that it was owned by Park Developments, see this post here. But evidently that changed in the recent past. You can view the Irish Times article here: www.irishtimes.com/life-and-style/homes-and-property/new-to-market/se%C3%A1n-dunne-s-first-wife-buys-goatstown-site-1.3556579

You can view the Land Registry folio that confirms this change in ownership here:

Jennifer Coyle isn’t registered as a Director of any company under CRO, so it’s impossible to guess at this stage what she might have in mind for the site.


To read what is said about the IGB in the DLR Goatstown Local Area Plan, you can click here. Section 6.6, page 32.

To read what is permitted under “F” zoning, you can read the DLR County Development Plan 2016 – 2022, Section 8.3 Land Use Zoning Objectives, page 230.


28 Jun

OLG Hockey Pitch – Response from DLR Planners

On foot of the planning application recently submitted by the Jesus and Mary College, OLG, for a new hockey pitch, DLR County Council have released three documents. They are requesting further information from the developers, who have six months to respond.

It makes for fascinating reading, and essentially what it means that this application, and also the main residential development (the planning application of which was due to be submitted during the summer), cannot proceed until these issues are resolved. The planners are not allowing any further “ad-hoc” development of this site, and are attempting to future-proof the area around the schools to allow for expansion. The reference to the recommended area size of schools is very interesting. Something we haven’t seen before.

The main points are: Read More

13 Jun

OLG Hockey Pitch – Observation Letter

We submitted an observation letter regarding the planning application for the new hockey pitch at the Jesus and Mary College, Our Lady’s Grove. Our points relate to community access, trees and parking. You can view it here.

A resident who lives backing on to the site also submitted a very thorough and well-researched letter of observation. He attaches a letter from the Religious Order given to residents in 2006. You can read this very interesting observation letter here.

The planning application reference number is: D18A/0387. You can access all the documentation by going here: http://planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display and inputting that reference number into “Planning Reference:” and clicking “Search!”.

As we mentioned before, we expect the planning application for the big residential development to go in in approximately 6 weeks.

15 May

OLG Hockey Pitch – Planning Application

The Board of Management of the Jesus and Mary College has submitted a planning application to upgrade the hockey pitch. The planning documents have just gone up online today.

It’s a pretty substantial planning application with various reports etc. You can view the documents on DLRCoCo Planning website here (click on “Documents” tab). The planning application reference number is: D18A/0387.

The final date for Observations is 5th June 2018.





(This is screenshot. To view all plans and reports visit DLRCoCo Planning website, ref. D18A/0387.)