01 Nov

AGM 2018 Highlights

We held our AGM last week, on Monday 22nd upstairs in The Goat. There was a very good turnout of residents, and we had a productive and informative meeting. So what were the main items for discussion?

– We now have a new ‘refurbished’ committee (*see below)
– We are in a strong financial position, and our annual subscription remains at €20 euro for 2018/19.
– We have a total of 290 members (households) in our association, up from 261 last year. This is out of a possible 360 households in our area.
– The Tidy Districts’ group’s exceptional work continues. Please help out where you can.
– The playground in Taney, which opened in April of this year, is a fantastic asset to families in the area. We are also delighted to see the formation of a new residents’ association in Taney, Taney Area Residents’ Association. We have already begun to collaborate with them on various local issues.
– The Goatstown Community Games got off to a flying start in 2018 with our first set of local athletes representing us in Santry during the summer.
– There are three big planning issues of concern to members: Our Lady’s Grove, the IGB site and the Central Mental Hospital. There was a lot of information given, and discussion had, about these three sites.
– Neighbourhood Watch and the Neighbourhood Friendly Initiative will be evolving further over the following year
– Events on the Green: now that we have our own gazebo, nothing can stop the par-tay.

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12 Oct

IGB – New Owners (Again)

Thanks to some good detective work by our neighbours, Taney Area Residents’ Association, it appears that there are now new owners of the IGB.

We recently posted that Jennifer Coyle was the new owner (since June 2018), but now it looks like the site changed hands again in August. The new owners are:

1. Killiney Estates Ltd (C.R.O. ref. 29339)
The Herbert Building, The Park, Carrickmines, Dublin 18

2. Brennanstown Property Consultancy Services Ltd (C.R.O. ref. 436849)
Cuana Bui, Brennanstown Vale, Brennanstown Road, Dublin 18

Killiney Estates Limited seems to be connected to Park Developments and Michael Cotter, and Brennanstown Property Consultancy seems to belong to Tim Crowley.

These are the same people who set up the company Goatstown Cemetery Park Limited in 2015.

Click here to view the folio document from the Land Registry that confirms ownership.

With all the activity on the site over the last couple of weeks, something must surely be afoot?

12 Oct

OLG Hockey Pitch – Permission Granted

DLR planners recently (4th Oct) granted permission for the hockey pitch planning application at the Jesus and Mary Secondary School, OLG.

There were six conditions attached, none of which pertained to the points originally raised by the planners when requesting further information, except one relating to our observation requesting community access.

“2. The reasonable use of the hockey pitch outside of school hours shall be made available where feasible and appropriate and where it will be of benefit to the wider community. The existing car parking shall be made available to facilitate this.”

The points raised by the planners relating to a Masterplan requirement, the justification of the reduction in school site size, or the requirement for a pedestrian/cycle entrance onto Friarsland Road, are not referenced in the conditions attached to permission being granted.

It’s a curious response from the planners. One which will no doubt have ramifications for the residential development planning application, which we believe is to go in soon.

Click here to read the notification of decision to grant permission.

04 Oct

OLG Hockey Pitch – Additional Information

The awaited response for additional information regarding the OLG hockey pitch planning application was recently submitted by Tom Phillips and Associates (Durkan’s town planners) on 13th September 2018, on behalf of the BOM of the secondary school.

The details (22 pages) can be found on the DLR planning website, or you can download the PDF here (7mb).

The developers have sought S.C. legal opinion and have challenged the Council on a number of points they claim are Ultra Vires (beyond their legal power or authority).

The main responses are:

  • BOM advise that request for Masterplan ultra vires.
  • Third parties (that would be Durkan most likely) not bound by Masterplan.
  • Agree to submit Masterplan on “Without Prejudice” basis. (Their submitted Masterplan is merely a drawing of the existing planning application).
  • Reason for new Hockey Pitch site is that existing site sold subject to purchasers providing all weather pitch.
  • Sale of land not subject to planning control (DLR cannot impose restrictions outside new site)
  • 330 pupils in secondary school – primary school separate – so site size not relevant
  • Does not prohibit expansion as 2040sq. meter area still available (this area is the bit taken up by portacabins, plus a small bit of green area beside the tennis courts)
  • Hockey club not named – they are only in discussion.
  • DLR cannot require school to provide unrestricted access to third parties (no community access?).
  • DLR does not have power to impose condition requiring right of way for cyclists / pedestrians access – request for same ultra vires.

If DLR was to accept these points would this mean that the main development site would suddenly become non institutional lands and be exempt from all the relevant Development Plans (2016-2022)?

DLR planners can chose to accept/reject this response from the developers in arriving at their decision.

There is also an issue of the orientation of the proposed new pitch. Currently the old one is North-South. The new proposal would turn it East-West. For health and safety reasons this is contrary to best practice, as recommended by Hockey Ireland/ Sport England/ International Hockey Federation.

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01 Oct

Community Games Update 2018

A Rundown of Events So Far

Following the success of a children’s Sports Day which we ran in the summer of 2017, we agreed there was enough interest to enter a new Area in the Dublin Community Games.

A number of us meet with a representative of the Community Games to discuss what was needed to create this new area.
– We needed to all get Garda-vetted
– We needed to come up with a name – Roebuck
– We needed to create a boundary for an area not already contained within an existing Community Games Area. We intentionally kept it small for the first year
– We needed to set up a committee, which was made up of Chair Daithí Ó hAoláin, Treasurer Cathal Cavanagh, Secretary Aoibhinn Woods, Assistant Secretary Shane Cotter and Children’s Officer Aoife Cavanagh.
– We needed to register all this on the Community Games website
– We need to seek approval to use the Rosemount sports fields and book our timeslots in advance.
– We needed to run a local Sports Day event for the Roebuck area. This was run on a Sunday afternoon, 22nd April, at 1.30pm on the Rosemount playing field.

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01 Oct

AGM 2018 – 22nd Oct

The AGM of the Roebuck Residents’ Association will take place on the 22nd October 2018 at 8pm in The Goat.

While we encourage all members to attend, please be aware that this meeting is for members of the Association only.

The agenda will be made available one week before the date of the meeting. Any suggestions for the agenda should be directed by email to roebuckresidents@gmail.com, or in writing to any member of the committee, not later than the 12th October.

17 Sep

Coffee Morning Photos

Well done to all who helped out, and donated, at our Hospice Coffee Morning on Saturday morning. Over €1,228.19 has been collected so far, and the box will be in Lynam’s until the end of September for those who couldn’t make it but would still like to contribute.

Included in the photos is a shot of Ronan Markey’s pop up composting information stand. Useful links for composting and the stopwaste.ie website etc. can be found in our previous post here: www.roebuckresidents.com/hospice-coffee-morning-stop-waste-compost-advisory-stand/

Update Oct 2nd: €1,333 was raised in total, and the Residents’ Association contributed a further €167 to bring the total up to a fantastic €1,500. Well done all concerned.


14 Sep

Hospice Coffee Morning + Stop Waste/Compost Advisory Stand

As well as the tea, coffee and lovely pastries and treats from Lynams, tomorrow morning’s event will also feature an advisory pop-up stand for the Stop Waste campaign. This will be run by a local resident, Ronan Markey, and will feature a small scale model showing what a composting site looks like, leaflets, free spaghetti measures and free rice portion spoons promoting the EPA’s – Stopwaste.ie campaign.

We’re very happy to support Ronan with this worthwhile project.

You can download a composting information leaflet here:
Compost Booklet

There is also a course that will be run in Herbert Park starting on the 19th September. The closing date is today (14th Sep), but if you are interested please talk to Ronan tomorrow morning, as places may still be available. Click here to view the course leaflet.

Some further useful links: