27 Mar

Charles Hurst Site For Sale, Goatstown Road

The site that’s currently occupied by Charles Hurst Premium Car Sales on Goatstown Road is now up for sale for €6.5 million. It is zoned for residential development. A few years ago there was an unsuccessful planning application to locate a supermarket here. However seeing as the residential property market is now booming, it’s much more likely apartments will be built this time around.

You can read an Irish Times article about the sale here: https://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/infill-residential-site-on-goatstown-road-new-to-market-at-6-5-million-1.3830237

27 Mar

New Local Over 35’s Football Team

An Over 35’s football team has recently been set up in conjunction with Rosemount Mulvey Football Club. It is made up mainly of fathers from the local area, and they are actively recruiting new players to join. Ability and fitness levels aren’t important. They are looking for players who would like to come down and have some fun while playing football. If you think you are up to the challenge of getting fitting while having fun, then contact Shaun Saurin on 087 3747747.

26 Mar

MetroLink Update – Green Luas

It appears that the MetroLink upgrade to the Green Luas line has been put on hold for now. The revised plan is for the Metro to now terminate at Charlemont.

This is what the NTA say in their Preferred Route Consultation Document:

…the most significant change to the Emerging Preferred Route relates to the interface with the existing Green Line and Charlemont Station. In the original proposal, the tunnel emerged above ground just south of Charlemont and connected to the Green Line. This involved major works in the area of Charlemont and Ranelagh and would have involved the temporary closure of a section of the Green Line to enable these works.

Under the revised proposals, MetroLink will terminate at Charlemont and the connection to the Green Line will be postponed to a future date when passenger demand necessitates its provision.

It’s good to know the Luas Green line won’t now be temporarily closed, as there was a lot of discussion around how long it would take for the work to be done. However questions do need to be asked about how the current Green Luas will accommodate the extra passenger capacity once the massive development planned for Cherrywood starts. The Green Luas is already extremely over-subscribed.

The NTA are now seeking feedback on the Preferred Route, and if you are so inclined you can do that here. You can also go along to one of their public events, (also listed on the MetroLink website).

26 Mar

Kayak on Larchfield Road!

Thanks very much to Mr. Con Carroll of Mount Carmel Road who is very kindly allowing us to reproduce his photos of the flood that took place in June 1963. These are great photos – it’s not often you see someone in a kayak on Larchfield Road!

If anyone else has any interesting photos or stories about the area, please get in touch. We’d love to share them with residents.

The junction of Larchfield Road and Mount Carmel Road

Con kayaking down Larchfield Road towards Goatstown Road

25 Mar

Coffee Morning, The Goat

Roebuck Residents’ Association and Taney Area Residents’ Association held their first joint coffee morning for the young at heart in The Goat, on Wednesday 27th February at 10am.

There was a great turnout for this event on a lovely sunny spring morning. There was plenty of chat, and thanks to Con Carroll of Mount Carmel Road for bringing along his pictures of the floods in Roebuck Park in 1963.

There was also discussion in relation to a regular morning book club. If you would like to be included in updates on this please let us know.

This event was kindly sponsored by Spark Change.

22 Mar

OLG Hockey Pitch ABP Appeal – Permission Granted

The An Bord Pleanála appeal taken by a resident on Friarsland Road against the first planning application relating to the latest land sale on the OLG campus, the moving and refurbishment of the hockey pitch, has now been decided by the Board. The decision was made to grant permission.

The conditions attached are:

1. The development shall be carried out and completed in accordance with the plans and particulars lodged with the application, as amended by the further plans and particulars submitted to the planning authority on the 13th of September, 2018, except as may otherwise be required in order to comply with the following conditions. Where such conditions require details to be agreed with the planning authority, the developer shall agree such details in writing with the planning authority prior to commencement of development and the development shall be carried out and completed in accordance with the agreed particulars.
Reason: In the interest of clarity.

2. Water supply and drainage arrangements, including the attenuation and disposal of surface water, shall comply with the requirements of the planning authority for such works and services.
Reason: In the interest of public health.

3. The proposed fencing around the hockey pitch shall be finished in a dark green colour except as may otherwise be agreed in writing with the planning authority prior to commencement of development on site.
Reason: In the interest of visual amenity and the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

We expect a planning application for the residential development will go in very shortly.

12 Mar

Slow to Mow

The more observant of you would have noticed the “Nature Wildlife Area, Do Not Cut or Spray” notices that were put up on the grassed area on Goatstown Road, opposite Trimbleston, last year. Well the Council’s plan is to reduce grass cutting in this area (and other areas in DLR County) to just twice per year. To allow wild plants and flowers to grow, which should optimise conditions for pollinators.

Well it seems a mistake was made and the grass was just recently cut! Despite them not supposed to be cutting it until June!

The Council recently sent some further information about this initiative. You can read their leaflet here. You can also find more information on the DLRCoCo website:

11 Mar

Want to be a Master Composter?

Do any of these match your ambitions?

< Make a difference in your community
< Help your Tidy Town’s programme
< Protect our environment
< Meet like-minded people
< Save money and have fun

If so, you’re in luck! DLRCoCo are running a Master Composter course. It is free, and will answer any questions you ever had about composting but were afraid to ask.

You can find out all you need to know here, in this leaflet. Please let us know if you decide to go by emailing us at roebuckresidents@gmail.com.