19 Apr 2024

Clean-up Weekend

We had a very successful spring clean-up weekend last weekend (13th and 14th April). Residents from all across Roebuck came out over the weekend to tackle untidy and overgrown areas. Thanks to all who participated. We had a very large number of bags of green waste for the Council to remove on Monday morning.

You may have also noticed the Council has planted some new trees in the verges around our area in response to our request. If one of these new trees is outside your house, please take on the responsibility of keeping it watered.

19 Apr 2024

CMH – New LRD Planning Application

It has been reported in the Irish Independent recently that the Land Development Agency plans to submit a new planning application via the Large Scale Residential Development planning process (LRD). This is the process that has replaced the SHD process.

In advance of this new planning application, and also in response to comments by the Chair of the LDA, John Coleman in a recent Joint Oireachtas Committee meeting, we decided to write to the LDA. We outlined our expectations regarding the coming application, as well as a recap of all previous communication with the LDA. We copied the Chair of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, Frank Curran.

You can view this letter here.

15 Mar 2024

OLG – Roebuck Grove House

The old convent building, Roebuck Grove House, that has become derelict over the last few years, is being proposed as the location for a 29 unit hostel. The final date for observations on this planning application is 8th April 2024, and the planning reference number is: D24A/0133

Here is the link to DLR County Council’s planning website.

Some images etc. take from the Planning Report the applicant has submitted. This document can be found on the DLR Planning website.

Edit 19/4/24: Please see here for the observation we submitted in respect of this planning application.

20 Feb 2024

Friarsland Forest

We had an amazing turnout at our tree planting event on Friarsland Green. An incredible 30 trees (a mix of native Irish deciduous trees) were planted in 2.5 hours. The trees were delivered by the Council on Friday, and had to be planted very quickly. The rain held off on Saturday morning, mostly, and we just had the mud to contend with. Thanks to everyone who took part, and thanks to the neighbours on Friarsland Road, in particular to Séamus and Máire, who very kindly have offered to keep the water-butt there topped up, so the trees can be watered with ease.

17 Dec 2023

Santa Has Left The Building

After a whistle-stop tour of Roebuck yesterday evening, Santa is now on his way back to the North Pole to check on the elves. Apparently there’s union talk in the air. (You can tell they’re trouble just by looking at them, see below.) We’re eagerly awaiting his return on the 25th, and we’ll see him again in person next year.

Thanks to everyone who helped out – from the organisers, to the bike-lenders, to the mulled wine servers etc. You’re all on the nice list this year.

16 Dec 2023

Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Santa is back for a bike tour today at 4 p.m. and not a tornado in sight! Santa and his helpers will be giving selection boxes to all the good little Roebuckians (coal for the naughty ones!).

He will follow the same route as the last couple of years – you can see that below. The elves have advised us that this schedule is approximate, but it gives you an idea of when to expect him. He is hoping to get to the Green for a mulled wine, or two, at 5 p.m. with the adults and children, so it would be great if people could congregate in the center/junctions as indicated on the map to help him get around in good time.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at this lovely Christmas event.

26 Oct 2023

Roebuck Rave – This Saturday

It’s that time of the year again – time to dust off your favourite costume, buy in industrial quantities of teeth-rotters, and get ready for the hordes of witches, zombies, Harry Potters, and Wednesday Adams to arrive at your door. Yes, it’s Halloween in Roebuck again.

This year we’re having a “Roebuck Rave” on the Green. Entertainment will be provided by a spooktacular magician. Prepare to be amazed, spellbound and enthralled. Fantastical props will be provided by PropMeUP.

This Saturday, 28th October, 6pm to 7:30pm, on The Green in front of the shops.

Nibbles will be provided, and we’ll be having a collection in aid of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We know how difficult it is to carry cash in a costume, so we have created a handy online donation facility below.

Update 10/11/23: This collection is now closed. We raised an amazing €890. The Association is topping that up by €110, bringing the total to be donated to UNRWA to €1,000. Thank you to everyone who donated.

15 Oct 2023

Roebuck Green

Check out our beautiful refurbished green!

This is the final step in a long journey that started out in 2016. In March 2021, the first phase of development work began. Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council delivered on its commitment to work with the Association in transforming the Green when it laid the new beige path, embedded 4 new benches, planted 7 new trees, introduced two grassed mounds and laid hoggin paved areas around the benches.

In keeping with the overall project plan agreed between us and the Council, the final phase has now been undertaken and has been funded by the Association. This phase consisted of planting a mixed collection of shrubs and plants that have enhanced the Green further for the enjoyment of our residents. The planting, a major undertaking requiring professional expertise was carried out for us by Redlough Landscapers. They will be retained for one year to ensure the planting beds in, and will advise our Tidy Districts Team as to how to look after and maintain the plants in the longer term.

Background Note 
In our first year as an Association (2015/16), we began the task of reviving the Green by setting up a grass-cutting rota, planting flowers, painting the bench and introducing planters. Our Tidy Districts group and the Committee started thinking about what we might try to do to improve the Green in the long term. It was decided to devise a plan that would transform the Green, rather than improving it haphazardly. We engaged a landscape architect with this in mind, Tim Austin and Associates. Our plan was to create a space where people can relax and chat, rest or read, in a safe and enhanced environment. It’s called “place-making”, with the emphasis on the community living in the area, as opposed to those just passing through.

The plan was to improve and increase the seating, improve the pathway, and re-landscape the space, including some banking to be planted with shrubs, which will reduce traffic noise while adding colour and biodiversity.  We are also planning to include a notice board for residents. The Committee and the Tidy Districts group went through a number of iterations of the project plan with the Council to achieve the best possible outcome for the community.

We are looking forward to a beautifully landscaped Green that will be used by the whole community for years to come.

The current Committee would like to thank all of the past committee members and the Tidy Districts Team for all their input and dedication to bringing this plan to fruition. They have created a beautifully landscaped Green that will be used by the whole community for years to come.

Thanks to PM Photography for allowing us to use these photos.