23 Jul 2020

OLG – Here we go again, maybe…

It appears an application for a consultation regarding the prospective development of a 861 bed student residence development for the site at the rear of Our Lady’s Grove has been lodged with An Bord Pleanála. This is the first stage the developer goes through with An Bord Pleanála for these fast-track (SHD) developments. If they […]

04 Jul 2020

OLG – Final Judgement, Planning Quashed

Over the last few months, the final stage of the Judicial Review has been playing out. There was a possibility that the planning application could be remitted back to An Bord Pleanala (i.e. the clock rewound back to when the application first went into ABP, for them to re-consider it). Both An Bord Pleanála, and […]

11 Mar 2020

OLG Judicial Review – Judgement Given

On 10th March, Judge Garrett Simons delivered his judgment following the Judicial Review hearing that took place on 19th, 20th, and 21st February in the High Court. This case was taken by a local resident, and member of the Roebuck Residents’ Association, Michael Redmond. He took the case without legal representation, due to the costs […]

19 Dec 2019

OLG Judicial Review – Update

In the High Court today 19th December 2019 (Judge Simons presiding), an order was made setting the date for the hearing of the Judicial Review as Wednesday 19th February 2020. The case has been set down for a 3 day hearing commencing on this date. Legal submissions to support the case to quash the ABP […]

24 Oct 2019

Judicial Review – OLG Development

Background:As you are probably all aware, the developer Durkan applied for planning for the site at the back of the campus via the Strategic Housing Development scheme, the fast-track process. The development is to consist of 132 units, in 3 five storey apartment blocks, 19 houses, a new afterschool building, and a smaller 3 storey […]

30 Aug 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Decision Made

An Bord Pleanála made the decision to grant permission for Phase 2 of the OLG development. No substantial conditions were included as part of the grant of permission. It’s a shocking and disappointing result, not only for the residents most affected, but also for the Councillors, T.D., and Council Executive who recommended that permission be […]

17 Jun 2019

Submission – OLG Phase 2

The residents’ association submitted an observation in relation to the Strategic Housing Development application made by Durkan Estates Clonskeagh for the land at the rear of Our Lady’s Grove. More information on this application can be found here:https://www.roebuckresidents.com/olg-phase-2-plans/ andhttps://www.roebuckresidents.com/olg-phase-2-process-for-observations-objections/

29 May 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Process for Observations/Objections

As you may be aware the developer of the site in Our Lady’s Grove is using the fast-track method (Strategic Housing Development (SHD)) to apply for planning permission for 132 units, made up of three 5 storey apartment blocks as well as houses etc. An informed resident has done a bit of investigation into the […]

21 May 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Plans

Photo Montages taken from the planning application. The planning application for Phase 2 of the OLG site (the site at the back of the campus, sold in 2017) has recently been lodged by Durkan Estates (lodged on 10/5/19). The application is being made as a Strategic Housing Development (SHD) and has been submitted directly to […]

22 Mar 2019

OLG Hockey Pitch ABP Appeal – Permission Granted

The An Bord Pleanála appeal taken by a resident on Friarsland Road against the first planning application relating to the latest land sale on the OLG campus, the moving and refurbishment of the hockey pitch, has now been decided by the Board. The decision was made to grant permission. The conditions attached are: 1. The […]