03 Mar 2018

A Beast Called Emma

It’s been an unusual few days to say the least. Here are some photos from around the area you might find interesting. Looks like the snow won’t last much beyond today. Just when we were getting used to it! If you have any good photos, send them on.

By the way, if you can safely get out and about, it’s worth coming over to Farmhill Drive to see the amazing igloo/passage tomb/Skellig Michael beehive hut/Mayan temple that some very talented residents created!

Also, if you have a great photo, be sure to enter the competition on the Goatstown Facebook page. Thanks to The Goat and The Colour Den for the donation of the great prizes. A voucher for The Goat and Alfaparf products from The Colour Den. Also, news just in, Select Boutique are also donating a lovely bobble hat and scarf!