12 Mar 2019

Slow to Mow

The more observant of you would have noticed the “Nature Wildlife Area, Do Not Cut or Spray” notices that were put up on the grassed area on Goatstown Road, opposite Trimbleston, last year. Well the Council’s plan is to reduce grass cutting in this area (and other areas in DLR County) to just twice per year. To allow wild plants and flowers to grow, which should optimise conditions for pollinators.

Well it seems a mistake was made and the grass was just recently cut! Despite them not supposed to be cutting it until June!

The Council recently sent some further information about this initiative. You can read their leaflet here. You can also find more information on the DLRCoCo website:

11 Mar 2019

Want to be a Master Composter?

Do any of these match your ambitions?

< Make a difference in your community
< Help your Tidy Town’s programme
< Protect our environment
< Meet like-minded people
< Save money and have fun

If so, you’re in luck! DLRCoCo are running a Master Composter course. It is free, and will answer any questions you ever had about composting but were afraid to ask.

You can find out all you need to know here, in this leaflet. Please let us know if you decide to go by emailing us at roebuckresidents@gmail.com.

04 Feb 2019

Daffs and New Trees

You may have noticed the little signs around the area asking people not to cut the grass because daffodils have been planted. The Tidy Districts Team planted hundreds of bulbs around the area before Christmas. We’re hoping for a glorious display over the coming weeks. Thanks again to this very small group for the amazing work they do in our area. If anyone would like to help them out by offering a bit of time every now and then, they’d be delighted. A nice area benefits us all afterall.

You may have also noticed the Council has been active recently removing some of the less attractive trees from the verges. Trees that are well past their prime. We have been in discussions for a while now with the Parks Department regarding improving the amount, and the condition, of the trees in the area. More trees have been planted this season, and will continue to be planted over the coming few years.

18 Nov 2018

Winter Planting

The Tidy Districts’ Team has been hard at work around the area. Some lovely plants for the winter months and also plenty of bulbs for a beautiful Spring display. Bee-friendly lavender planted at the Larchfield Road/Goatstown Road junction, with some grasses to follow. Winter bedding on the Green, and 200 daffodils will be ‘fluttering and dancing in the breeze’ in a surprise location within a few short months.

26 Jul 2018

Nature Wildlife Area – Goatstown Road

The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted this sign on the grassed area on Goatstown Road, beside the turn onto Larchfield Road. Opposite Trimbleston. DLRCoCo are trialing “Nature Wildlife Areas” around the area. You can read more about it here: www.dlrcoco.ie/en/heritage/biodiversity/Nature-Wildlife-areas

This means they will be cutting the grass approximately twice a year in order to encourage pollinators. This initiative goes along with their recent decision to stop using pesticides  in order to create a more nature-friendly environment in our county.

05 Jul 2018

Tidy Districts Judgement Day + Weeds Info from DLR

Tidy Districts Judgement Day
The judging period for Tidy Districts has just begun. Will we make it three years in a row? The stress of it all. All residents are asked to put in a special effort, please tidy up your verges, and your neighbour’s if they’re not able to/away/too lazy!

18 bags of weeds and edgings were collected at our last tidy-up evening. The (very small) Tidy Districts team is putting in superhuman effort to get our area into shape. All help is much appreciated.

And please don’t forget the poor trees! The new ones, from this year and last year, will be really suffering in this heat. The odd bucket of water would be much appreciated. Washing up water etc. is perfectly fine.

Weeds Info from DLR
We got some information regarding weeds from the Environmental Awareness section of DLRCoCo.

Grass won’t grow significantly under extreme drought conditions. If you’re going to cut your grass it’s recommended you cut it on the highest possible setting.

The Council is no longer spraying weeds, see here. If weeds are an issue in your area you can report them to info@dlrcoco.ie Please take a picture of the weeds, if they meet certain predefined criteria a crew will be sent to physically weed the area. This is an extremely positive step for our wildlife and is fully endorsed by the Environment Awareness Section.



27 May 2018

Wildflower Meadow – Friarsland Road

If you haven’t in a while, you should take a walk down Friarsland Road to see the beautiful wildflowers that have been nurtured on the green at the end of the road. A lovely little patch of bee-friendly wilderness on our doorstops. Well done to all involved in the ongoing and slow but steady transformation of this space. In particular to local bee-keeper Kieran Harnett, Máire O’Donohoe and all the Tidy District team.


27 Apr 2018

Sustainable Gardening Workshops

Some of our Tidy Districts’ Team, and one or two residents, attended a Sustainable Gardening course that was held weekly over the last couple of months in Marlay Park. It was sponsored by DLRCoCo, and was run by Aoife Munn.

Theworkshops were designed to encourage resident groups and individuals to make informed decisions when managing their estates/gardens in ways that will be sympathetic to nature and in particular our pollinators.

It will appear on RTÉ’s Nationwide programme in the coming months. Fame at last. Thanks to Dalkey Tidy Towns for the photos.

09 Apr 2018

Frogs in Roebuck

We recently sent an email to residents which included a link to a national frog survey. Our resident beekeeper Kieran Harnett got back to us with this photo of a very pretty pond he has built to encourage local biodiversity.

“I started a wildlife pond out back here on Friarsland Road last year and seeded it with frogspawn.

I successfully populated the area around my last place with frogs and we missed having them around since we moved over here.

The little darlings happily hopped off around the neighbourhood last summer and I’m expecting them back to do what frogs do in the pond, once the cold snap is over.

The males arrive first, returning to their birthplace, by scent it is thought,  and commence croaking to attract the females.”

What a lovely idea. Hopefully we can expect to see lots of little amphibians roaming around Roebuck this summer. He finishes with:

“If residents could keep an eye out for them, especially when cutting the grass, and perhaps consider letting an area of lawn go wild to give them more habitat, it should help them get established.”

If you’d like to record any other wild species you’ve come across in the area, you can do so here, on the Biodiversity Ireland website: records.biodiversityireland.ie/ (click on “Go” beside “Click here to start recording”).

So far we’ve heard of foxes, frogs, badgers, deer in the area. Anything else?