01 Dec 2020

Santa is coming to Roebuck!

Santa will be doing a whistle-stop tour of the neighbourhood this Sat 5th Dec from 4.30pm. Keep an ear out for his bell – the kids can then come out to their gate to give him a wave, and Santa’s helpers will give them a small gift (selection box). We ask that everyone complies with social distancing and children are supervised by parents  – we don’t want the main man coming down with anything at this crucial time!! And don’t worry, he will be covering all the roads of the Roebuck Residents’ area so just wait for him to pass by your house.

Santa wearing a face covering, with thumbs up.
01 Dec 2020

Tidy Districts Update Nov/ Dec 2020

Friarsland Green
Since the summer the Tidy Districts team have been working on the green at the end of Friarsland Road. Huge amounts of brambles and weeds were cleared and new trees, flowers and bulbs were planted in the area. The council laid concrete for a bench which was purchased by the Residents’ Association. A bug hotel was made from repurposed crates. There is still some more work to be done with a new path to be added and some apple trees to be planted but we hope that everyone takes some time out and visits this great new addition to the area.

Flower Boxes
The pedestrian lane between Mount Carmel Road and Farmhill Drive also received a makeover over the last few weeks. A local father and son team hand crafted the flower boxes. They have been painted the same colour as the bench and flower pots on the green. They have been expertly potted up with a combination of donated plants and new flowers and bulbs. No doubt they will be a riot of colour come Spring.

Bulb Planting
A large number of bluebell bulbs were planted under the large tree on the green area of Goatstown Road. We are looking forward to Spring time when they will emerge.

Tidy Districts Award
Although the Tidy Districts competition did not go ahead this year, we did submit an application for review by an environmental consultant as part of DLRs community engagement during the year. The consultant was very impressed by all the work being carried out in the area. We have been awarded a grant of €350 to help with the cost of our 2021 entry into the competition.

Green at Farmhill Road/ Larchfield Road
There continues to be work carried out on this green in front of the shops. A large number of new logs were added which are being well used by young and old especially during the lockdown.

23 Oct 2020

IGB Secondary School – New Website

The new Educate Together secondary school that will be situated in the IGB site has just launched a new website. You can find it here.

They are currently in the old Notre Dame site on Churchtown Road, but will be moving to the IGB site when the planning permission for the portacabins/temporary school is granted. (The current status of that planning application is still at the Request for Information stage, i.e. the planners in DLR are waiting for further information from the Department of Education before they will make their decision.)

23 Oct 2020

Ghosts, Insect Hotel, More Planting, Parking etc.

Significant work is being undertaken by the Tidy Districts group in the green space on Friarsland Road. The brambles have been cut back and a number of plants and bulbs have been sown (Thank you to all the residents who donated plants.). A new bug hotel made from recycled pallets has been added. A new bench will be added in the coming weeks along with some apple trees.

Have you noticed our scary ghosts hanging from the trees down on the Green in front of the shops! We hope you like them. We also sourced and decorated more logs for this space, they’re a great hit with the kids.

We are always looking for new volunteers to our group, and you can do as much or as little as you like.

A reminder – We ask that everyone please remove any vegetation from their garden overhanging and causing an obstruction to residents using the footpaths and to refrain from parking on grass verges and footpaths as this causes damage and makes social distancing difficult.

23 Oct 2020

Spooky House Competition!

Roebuck Residents Association are inviting all residents to take part in our Spooky House Competition – with no Trick or Treating this year we are hoping that the local kids can still have fun by walking around the neighbourhood to see all the Halloween decorations and art. Judging will take place on 31st October and there will be prizes for the most spooktacular houses.

16 Oct 2020

CMH – Meeting with LDA

Four members of the Committee held a virtual meeting with the LDA today in relation to the development of the CMH site. Attending this meeting was the LDA Community Liaison Officer, the Project Lead and the Project Architect. They are currently engaging with local community groups, and are endeavoring to collect as much feedback as possible. It was a very interesting meeting. Among other things, it was very encouraging to learn they plan to keep car traffic to a minimum, prioritise pedestrian and cyclist permeability, retain a minimum of 25% open space, and preserve, as much as possible, the unique sylvan and historical character of this site. We discussed a lot of different aspects, and are hopeful that the points we raised will feed into the design process. They plan to release an e-Bulletin shortly which we will send out to members.

If you haven’t already, we would strongly encourage you to look at the website (dundrumcentral.ie), and to take the survey as soon as possible. This is a limited opportunity where you can raise the issues that are most important to you.

You can view the document we submitted here. We discussed these issues, and others, at the meeting.

16 Oct 2020


A member has contacted us to say they suspect there may be a rat problem in the area. Mount Carmel Road in particular. If you have concerns can you please contact the HSE.

The details are: HSE Environmental Health Office,
pest control numbers: 01-7955057 and 1850 211 774.
Alternatively, email  pestcontrol.south@hse.ie

This is a free service where they will inspect your garden and put out poison bait stations. It is important to notify them as there may be a sewage/drain problem. The more voices notifying them the better.