13 Jan 2021

New DLR CDP – Public Submission

As mentioned above the new draft DLR County Development Plan 2022-2028 is now out for public consultation. We encourage residents to have a look and to make a submission. It is quite long, but there are bits that are particularly important to us around here, e.g. the zoning regarding OLG, the Central Mental Hospital, IGB, Dundrum etc. etc.

Some possible starting points:

– The map for this area, that shows the zoning types, can be found here. (Note the OLG zoning, and Specific Local Objectives for Rosemount/CMH relating to recreation and sport)
– Also worth noting is that Goatstown Road is being categorised as a Proposed Bus Priority Route (you can see this marked on the Land Use Zoning Map 1). The significance of this is that higher densities than 50 units per hectare can be allowed within 1km of QBC/Luas or 500m of Bus Priority Route. In reality it’s pretty clear that Goatstown Road is no such thing. The kerbed cycle lanes means this cannot be achieved. Also Bus Connects is reducing the frequency of the bus (will be the No.10, now No.11) to 30 minute intervals. The OLG JR also found that Goatstown Road did not qualify as a Bus Priority Route or a QBC. This should be clarified in the new County Development Plan.

There will no doubt be plenty of other things that will be of interest to residents. The chapter headings for the draft CDP are:

  1. Vision and context
  2. Core Strategy (this deals with ‘big picture’ of where growth (housing, population centres  and employment in particular will go)
  3. Climate Action
  4. Neighbourhood – People, Places and Home (New definition of INST, p.83)
  5. Transport and Mobility
  6. Enterprise and Employment
  7. Towns, Villages and Retail Development (Dundrum is on p.147)
  8. Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity
  9. Open Space, Parks and Recreation
  10. Environmental Infrastructure and Flood Risk
  11. Heritage and Conservation
  12. Development Management
  13. Land Use Zoning
  14. Specific Local Objectives
  15. Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

You can view the Plan here (see the orange links at the bottom of the page). You can make a submission via the relevant section on the DLR website. The closing date for submissions is April 16th. In addition to making an online submission, you should also email the Dundrum Councillors with your concerns or questions. This is really the only opportunity they have to influence zoning, as well as many other aspects of this Plan. So if there’s something you want to see done, this is the time to approach them.

11 Jan 2021

Thanks to Councillors

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Councillors Jim O’Leary, Barry Saul and Anne Colgan for the help and support they have offered the Association regarding investigating various issues in the new draft DLR County Development Plan 2022-2028 on our behalf. Cllr O’Leary has been successful in getting a motion passed that puts back the INST Objective on the OLG site, which is of huge importance to the appropriate development of this site. They have also succeeded in passing other motions including appropriate boundary step back development in infill sites, and reinstating the original 25% open space percentage regarding open space in land zoned INST, among others.

07 Jan 2021

Alone Donation

In keeping with our practise of donating to charity at Christmas, the Association gave a donation of €500 to the charity Alone.

07 Jan 2021

Christmas Gift

The slightly older boys and girls who would normally be attending our Neighbourhood Friendly Coffee Mornings got a special Christmas surprise from the Residents’ Association this year. A small gift of a lovely plant, box of chocs and DLRCoCo magazine was dropped into the houses of our more senior residents before Christmas. Hopefully 2021 will see the return of the coffee mornings.

plant, Lindor chocs, booklet
This event was part-sponsored by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.
07 Jan 2021

Santa – “Veni, vidi, vici”

Santa came to visit all the good boys and girls of Roebuck on December 5th. He travelled around the area on an electric cargo bike, handing out selection boxes like there was no tomorrow. The kids, who by that point had whipped themselves into a frenzy, were absolutely delighted! Thanks to Santa for visiting us here, and thanks to all the Elves who organised, helped on the day with their tools (magic wheelbarrow, bell etc.). Thanks too to Elf Aoibhinn for lending Santa the bike. Also, last but certainly not least, a big thanks to the tall Elves who put the lights on the tree on the green, and to the Tidy District Elves who used their sparkly magic to conjure up some wooden pallet Christmas trees and to decorate the green with some Christmassy decorations.

This event was part-sponsored by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.
19 Dec 2020

Halloween Fun

A huge thanks to Laurie Easterby and Dave O’Loughlin for organising the amazing Halloween Walk event in our area back in October. It involved 8 separate installations in front gardens – Bram Stoker Tribute, The Graveyard, Wild West, Jurassic Park, Space, Alice in Wonderland, Witches Den, and Superhero. A large amount of preparation went into this, and it was particularly appreciated by the kids in the area. Even though they couldn’t call into houses, they were thrilled to be able to walk around, look at everything, and show off their costumes at the same time. Unfortunately we don’t have any good photos to share with you, but if anyone has, please send them in and we’ll put them on the website.

12 Dec 2020

Whooper Swans

You might remember a long term resident of Friarsland Road sent us a list of the Birds of Roebuck. He has been back in touch to let us know that a new addition to the list is a Whooper Swan.

On Saturday 5th December eleven Whooper Swans passed through Belfield, flew over the mosque on Roebuck Road and over Roebuck Estate. Whooper Swan is a really good addition to the Roebuck List.

01 Dec 2020

Santa is coming to Roebuck!

Santa will be doing a whistle-stop tour of the neighbourhood this Sat 5th Dec from 4.30pm. Keep an ear out for his bell – the kids can then come out to their gate to give him a wave, and Santa’s helpers will give them a small gift (selection box). We ask that everyone complies with social distancing and children are supervised by parents  – we don’t want the main man coming down with anything at this crucial time!! And don’t worry, he will be covering all the roads of the Roebuck Residents’ area so just wait for him to pass by your house.

Santa wearing a face covering, with thumbs up.
This event was part-sponsored by Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council.
01 Dec 2020

Tidy Districts Update Nov/ Dec 2020

Friarsland Green
Since the summer the Tidy Districts team have been working on the green at the end of Friarsland Road. Huge amounts of brambles and weeds were cleared and new trees, flowers and bulbs were planted in the area. The council laid concrete for a bench which was purchased by the Residents’ Association. A bug hotel was made from repurposed crates. There is still some more work to be done with a new path to be added and some apple trees to be planted but we hope that everyone takes some time out and visits this great new addition to the area.

Flower Boxes
The pedestrian lane between Mount Carmel Road and Farmhill Drive also received a makeover over the last few weeks. A local father and son team hand crafted the flower boxes. They have been painted the same colour as the bench and flower pots on the green. They have been expertly potted up with a combination of donated plants and new flowers and bulbs. No doubt they will be a riot of colour come Spring.

Bulb Planting
A large number of bluebell bulbs were planted under the large tree on the green area of Goatstown Road. We are looking forward to Spring time when they will emerge.

Tidy Districts Award
Although the Tidy Districts competition did not go ahead this year, we did submit an application for review by an environmental consultant as part of DLRs community engagement during the year. The consultant was very impressed by all the work being carried out in the area. We have been awarded a grant of €350 to help with the cost of our 2021 entry into the competition.

Green at Farmhill Road/ Larchfield Road
There continues to be work carried out on this green in front of the shops. A large number of new logs were added which are being well used by young and old especially during the lockdown.