22 Jan 2021

CMH – Virtual Consultation Room

The LDA has released some concept plans of what it is being proposed for the Central Mental Hospital site. They have just launched a “Virtual Consultation Room” on their website at www.dundrumcentral.ie.

It is our opinion, that the “Virtual Consultation Room” they have developed will be inaccessible to many people due to the technology used in developing it. We have requested that they provide us with a more straightforward version that can be accessed by all. Until we get this, we have managed to get some screenshots of the content and have uploaded them. You can view them below.

This concept proposal is open to public comment until 28th February 2021. You can comment via their website.

There will be two public webinars held by the LDA:
1. Wednesday 27th January, 7pm
2. Tuesday 2nd February, 5pm
(Register for these via the “Get Involved” tab on the dundrumcentral.ie website)

After that the timeline is as follows:
– Public consultation up to 28th February 2021. Following this, feedback received will be collated and considered and the designs will be developed up into a draft masterplan in the coming months.
– A further stage of consultation will be undertaken on the Masterplan.
– Following this stage, a planning application will be prepared and submitted for decision. Estimated timescale is mid-2021.
– Subject to An Bord Pleanála approval, construction is expected to commence in 2022 with the first units expected to be made available later in 2023.

You can download these screenshots (JPEGs) in a Zip file here (4MB).

13 Jan 2021

New DLR CDP – Public Submission

As mentioned above the new draft DLR County Development Plan 2022-2028 is now out for public consultation. We encourage residents to have a look and to make a submission. It is quite long, but there are bits that are particularly important to us around here, e.g. the zoning regarding OLG, the Central Mental Hospital, IGB, Dundrum etc. etc.

Some possible starting points:

– The map for this area, that shows the zoning types, can be found here. (Note the OLG zoning, and Specific Local Objectives for Rosemount/CMH relating to recreation and sport)
– Also worth noting is that Goatstown Road is being categorised as a Proposed Bus Priority Route (you can see this marked on the Land Use Zoning Map 1). The significance of this is that higher densities than 50 units per hectare can be allowed within 1km of QBC/Luas or 500m of Bus Priority Route. In reality it’s pretty clear that Goatstown Road is no such thing. The kerbed cycle lanes means this cannot be achieved. Also Bus Connects is reducing the frequency of the bus (will be the No.10, now No.11) to 30 minute intervals. The OLG JR also found that Goatstown Road did not qualify as a Bus Priority Route or a QBC. This should be clarified in the new County Development Plan.

There will no doubt be plenty of other things that will be of interest to residents. The chapter headings for the draft CDP are:

  1. Vision and context
  2. Core Strategy (this deals with ‘big picture’ of where growth (housing, population centres  and employment in particular will go)
  3. Climate Action
  4. Neighbourhood – People, Places and Home (New definition of INST, p.83)
  5. Transport and Mobility
  6. Enterprise and Employment
  7. Towns, Villages and Retail Development (Dundrum is on p.147)
  8. Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity
  9. Open Space, Parks and Recreation
  10. Environmental Infrastructure and Flood Risk
  11. Heritage and Conservation
  12. Development Management
  13. Land Use Zoning
  14. Specific Local Objectives
  15. Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

You can view the Plan here (see the orange links at the bottom of the page). You can make a submission via the relevant section on the DLR website. The closing date for submissions is April 16th. In addition to making an online submission, you should also email the Dundrum Councillors with your concerns or questions. This is really the only opportunity they have to influence zoning, as well as many other aspects of this Plan. So if there’s something you want to see done, this is the time to approach them.

11 Jan 2021

Thanks to Councillors

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Councillors Jim O’Leary, Barry Saul and Anne Colgan for the help and support they have offered the Association regarding investigating various issues in the new draft DLR County Development Plan 2022-2028 on our behalf. Cllr O’Leary has been successful in getting a motion passed that puts back the INST Objective on the OLG site, which is of huge importance to the appropriate development of this site. They have also succeeded in passing other motions including appropriate boundary step back development in infill sites, and reinstating the original 25% open space percentage regarding open space in land zoned INST, among others.

16 Oct 2020

CMH – Meeting with LDA

Four members of the Committee held a virtual meeting with the LDA today in relation to the development of the CMH site. Attending this meeting was the LDA Community Liaison Officer, the Project Lead and the Project Architect. They are currently engaging with local community groups, and are endeavoring to collect as much feedback as possible. It was an interesting meeting. Among other things, it was encouraging to learn they plan to keep car traffic to a minimum, prioritise pedestrian and cyclist permeability, retain a minimum of 25% open space, and preserve, as much as possible, the unique sylvan and historical character of this site. We discussed a lot of different aspects, and are hopeful that the points we raised will feed into the design process. They plan to release an e-Bulletin shortly which we will send out to members.

If you haven’t already, we would strongly encourage you to look at the website (dundrumcentral.ie), and to take the survey as soon as possible. This is a limited opportunity where you can raise the issues that are most important to you.

You can view the document we submitted here. We discussed these issues, and others, at the meeting.

08 Oct 2020

Vector Motors – New SHD Planning Application

A SHD planning pre-application for student accommodation has just been lodged for the 0.39 ha Vector Motors site on Goatstown Road. This one is for a 239 bedspace shared living development, 4/5 and 6 storey. Another great example of sustainable planning via the SHD system if this gets the go ahead…

More information can be found here: https://goatstownroadshd.ie/ The reference number on the ABP site is: PL06D.308353.

The final date and time for submitting an observation on this is 5.30pm on November 10th. You can find out how to make an observation here: http://www.pleanala.ie/shd/applications/makeshdsubmissionhowto.pdf.

08 Oct 2020

CMH – Dundrum Central Public Engagement Submission

We submitted a document to the Land Development Agency regarding their recently commenced public consultation process. We covered many points in our submission including: housing mix, potential for public park, vehicle traffic issues, potential for cycle/pedestrian route, biodiversity issues, zoning, historical issues, construction management, and the naming of the site.

You can read this submission here.

04 Sep 2020

CMH – Take the Survey

The Land Development Agency is kicking off the process for the development of 1,200 units on the 11.3 hectare CMH site. They are delivering leaflets to 5,000 homes within 1km of the site, and they want to hear the views of the local community regarding what things should be prioritised. They’ve put a short survey on their website, and we strongly encourage you to complete it. It is very short, and only takes a few minutes. They are planning three different consultation periods as the design process progresses, this being the first. They are aiming to lodge a planning application mid 2021.

What things are most important to you? A few ideas: adequate public open space/new park, downsizer/elderly accommodation, pedestrian/cyclist permeability, traffic issues, preservation of the unique Victorian architecture on the site, community centre etc. We also believe there is a small swimming pool on the site, and some impressive gardens.

This development will have a big impact on our area, so let them know what you think.

Take the survey here: https://dundrumcentral.ie/