04 Sep 2020

OLG – Email re. Judicial Review and Proposal for “Inst” Zoning

During the summer we put together a document/explanatory note regarding the outcome of the OLG Judicial Review, and how it relates to “Inst” zoning. We felt it was very important that DLR Councillors be clearly informed about all this, as the Council is now working on the latest County Development Plan (to come into effect in 2022). This is when changes to zoning can take place. Michael’s experience in taking the Judicial Review highlighted that “Inst” zoning needs to be strengthened, and we have proposed how this could be done. “Inst” zoning is particularly important in our area, as both OLG and the Central Mental Hospital site are zoned “Inst”. We also know the Council is planning to review this type of zoning.

We sent this to all 40 DLR Councillors. If you have opinions on this, we would encourage you to contact Councillors directly. They will be voting on all zoning changes, and would welcome residents’ opinions.

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20 Aug 2020

IGB Schools – Request for Further Information

A few of us on the committee had an online meeting/chat with the new Principal of the Goatstown Educate Together Secondary School, Jonathan Browner, a few weeks ago. It was great to talk to him, and it was encouraging to hear that his aim is for the school to be very integrated in the community. He was very open to the idea of the local community using the various facilities that will be there in the future. We were very happy to welcome him, and the new school, to the area.

As the pre-fabs aren’t installed yet, the school will be opening temporarily in the old Notre Dame site on Churchtown Road. (That’ll make three schools on that site now: Ballinteer ETPS, Gaelscoil na Fuinseoige and now Goatstown ETSS.) There will be a maximum of 48 pupils per year for the first few years. You can find a Facebook page for the school here.

Regarding the planning situation on the IGB site, the DLR planners came back with a “Request for Further Information” regarding the plans that had been submitted by the Department of Education for the temporary pre-fab school buildings. It was quite an extensive request, regarding, among other things, a number of the points we raised in our Observation. Points in relation to access, traffic, construction management, etc. The Department now has up to six months to respond to this Request for Further Information. Hopefully the Department will respond in a timely manner.

You can see this Request for Information on the DLR Planning website. The letter summarising the points is here. The more extensive Planner’s Report is here. If you want to view all the documents associated with this planning application, you can do so on the DLR Planning website. The Planning Reference number is: D20A/026.

23 Jul 2020

OLG – Here we go again, maybe…

It appears an application for a consultation regarding the prospective development of a 861 bed student residence development for the site at the rear of Our Lady’s Grove has been lodged with An Bord Pleanála.

This is the first stage the developer goes through with An Bord Pleanála for these fast-track (SHD) developments. If they are successful they can then go on to submit a full application.

A three party meeting will be taking place between the developer, the Board, and the Council. The Board then decides if the application can proceed. If not, the Board indicates to the developer what changes need to be made to allow the application to proceed. (To note – DLR Council would have already met with the developer separately a few months ago to discuss this potential planning application. It is not possible to get details of this meeting until/if the application proceeds. This meeting is called a Section 247 pre-SHD Consultation Meeting, and would be worth investigating considering the ruling on the Judicial Review had not yet been made at this point. So it will be interesting to see how the DLR Planners advised the developer, considering the Council was in court at this time in relation to the zoning on this very site.)

This decision (on whether the application can proceed) will be made by the Board before the 31/8/20. It is worth noting that the decision can also be made before this date. An Bord Pleanála can be contacted by phone at any time before this date, if you wish to check to see if the decision has been made, and if the application is going ahead. Quote this reference number: 307440. It is very disappointing that the public has no say or input, and is not given any information, regarding any of these pre-application stages in this SHD process.

You will see from the notice on the ABP website that the developer submitting this is Colbeam Ltd. A company called Hollybrook New Homes is the company behind Colbeam Ltd. We have no information as to the ownership status of the site.

08 Jul 2020

Dundrum Village – Big Changes

The Council, working with the NTA, has just announced some major changes to Dundrum Village. There will be dedicated cycle lanes, increased space for pedestrians, and some bus stop and car parking relocations in this complex project. It’s going to be quite a big change from the Village that we currently know. Certainly it’ll be a much more attractive place for pedestrians and cyclists.

You can find out more here on the DLR website. Included is a detailed description, and maps showing new traffic flows, and bus routes etc. Work will be starting soon, and will be completed in two phases.

04 Jul 2020

Goatstown Road – New Bike Lanes

The Council is piloting a new style of kerbed bike lanes on Goatstown Road. As well as increasing cycle safety, there will also be some improvements for pedestrians. A lot of the junctions will be made smaller to reduce crossing time, and to slow down turning traffic. These junctions include Goatstown Avenue and The Grove (the access to the schools), but not Larchfield Road by the looks of the plans. Tightening the junction at the turn for the schools in particular will make an improvement in pedestrian safety there.

Commencing for 2 nights on the 7th July, the main works will start on 20th July lasting for 17 nights. Work will be undertaken overnight, Monday to Thursdays.

More information can be found on the DLR website here and here.

Also, this is a good Tweet from the DLR Cycling Group.

04 Jul 2020

OLG – Final Judgement, Planning Quashed

Over the last few months, the final stage of the Judicial Review has been playing out. There was a possibility that the planning application could be remitted back to An Bord Pleanala (i.e. the clock rewound back to when the application first went into ABP, for them to re-consider it). Both An Bord Pleanála, and Michael Redmond, objected to this remittal, but Durkan’s argued in favour.

The final judgment of Mr. Justice Garrett Simons was delivered electronically on 1st July 2020:

It is proposed now to make an order as follows. An order of certiorari will be made setting aside An Bord Pleanála’s decision of 15 August 2019 (Case reference: PL06D.304420). The developer’s application to have the matter remitted to An Bord Pleanála is refused.

What this means is that the Judicial Review has been successful against An Bord Pleanála’s decision to grant planning permission. While the Judgment of 10th March 2020 quashed the decision of ABP, the Judgment of 1st July 2020 means that it will not be remitted to An Bord Pleanala. The Judge described the planning application as “fatally flawed”.

The position is now that the developer Durkan must submit a new planning application for any development on this site. Any new application must conform to the Inst zoning (i.e. correct density, 25% public open space, consideration of future school expansion etc.) as determined by the High Court. If these conditions are not adhered to in any new planning application, then it would be considered to be a material contravention of the County Development Plan 2016-2022, and would need to be advertised as such. (This would be very unusual, and there would most likely be a huge amount of objections.) If any new planning application has more than 100 units, it can be submitted via the fast track (SHD) route again, or if it’s less than 100 units, it would go through the normal planning process via the Council. (Unfortunately, and disappointingly, the new government has not agreed to abolish the SHD process. The new Programme for Government states it will continue for another 18 months until the current legislation expires.)

You can find the judgement here on the courts.ie website.

More information about the history of this case can be found on our website.

A good Irish Times article about the final judgement can be found here.

We would like to again thank Michael Redmond for the heroic effort he put into this case. His achievement is simply extraordinary, and we are very lucky to have him in our community. It is quite astonishing to think that a planning application that was described as “fatally flawed” among other things by a High Court judge, could very easily have gone unchallenged if it had not been for Michael. But for him, we would have been living with the consequences for many, many years. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

30 May 2020

IGB, Birds, Dundrum, Bikes etc.

Can you still call it Leaving Cert weather if there is no Leaving Cert? Hope you are enjoying your long weekend in the sun.


Water The Trees
The poor trees. If you have a new or young tree outside your, or your neighbour’s, house, please water it. They won’t survive this weather without help. Washing up water etc. is fine.


IGB Schools – Planning
As we mentioned in the last email, the planning application for the secondary school is up online on the DLR Planning website. The final date for lodging any observation/objection is June 29th. We’ve put a post up on the website about all this. Included are details about the future “masterplan” of the site, and the proposed pedestrian access-ways etc.You can see the post here.

Birds of Roebuck – Update
You might remember a couple of months ago a long term resident of Friarsland Road sent us a list of the Birds of Roebuck. He has been back in touch to let us know he got a great response from Roebuck and Taney, and has added a few new birds to the list. You can see the updated list here. The daughter of a Taney resident even reported that her mother saw Pheasant and Corncrake years ago! Thanks again to Kevin Cathcart for this very interesting diversion during these times.
Residents might also be interested in this article from Birdwatch Ireland that shows how to identify newly fledged birds that will be appearing in your gardens around now.


Help the Council Improve Conditions for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Is there somewhere/something you think could be improved, from the point of view of pedestrians and/or cyclists? For example is there a location where it is dangerous to safely distance while passing other pedestrians when out walking? A dangerous junction for cyclists? Rat runs you’d like closed? Etc. If you have noticed something, or think of an area that could be improved, the Council wants to hear about it. Please fill out this form on the DLR website.

Dundrum Village – One Way
Dundrum Village will become one way from about August onwards. The Council are being quite proactive across the county in trying to improve pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure in the wake of the pandemic. Blackrock Village will also become one way (see here). Here is a statement from the Infrastructure and Climate Change Department in DLR about Dundrum Village, no images/artist’s impression yet:”Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council plans to carry out temporary changes to the public realm and mobility interventions in Dundrum Village, including a temporary one-way traffic system on sections of Main St./Sandyford Road in the village and the reallocation of road space for the safety and benefit of pedestrians, cyclists and local businesses. The Council is working on this initiative with the technical and financial support of the National Transport Authority (NTA) […] The details of the plan are currently being worked on and we envisage that it will be finalised within the next 2 to 3 weeks and it is intended that the temporary changes will begin to be implemented in July 2020.


Cycle Lane Changes – Goatstown Road
The Council is also planning to make some cycle lane changes across the County. One of these changes is a plan to pilot a new form of protected cycle lanes on Goatstown Road. You can find more information about this here: https://twitter.com/ShayBrennan/status/1266368362117918722

Apartments and Hotel Planned for The Goat
You’ve probably already heard about Charlie Chawke’s plan to apply for fast track planning permission for 290 apartments and a 50 bedroom hotel at The Goat. Bye bye donkeys and goats. There will be a lot of sad kids in the area. You can read more on the RTE website, and here on the Irish Times website.


Free Webinar on Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC)DLR is hosting a free webinar on Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC) on Tuesday June 16th at 7pm. The purpose of this 40 minute information session is to introduce you to the Sustainable Energy Communities Network and to see what benefits and supports it can bring to your group and its members.

The event will be facilitated by Gavin Harte who is the SEAI Community Energy Mentor for Dún Laoghaire–Rathdown. The SEC programme aims to drive energy efficiency and smart energy use nationwide, and is a key component of the National Climate Action Plan 2019-2024. Hear more about this exciting new initiative in DLR & change the way your community thinks about energy. Registration for the webinar closes at 5:00pm on Friday June 13th. To REGISTER, please click here.

If there is interest in this topic, we can set up a group in the Residents’ Association’s area, or in the greater Goatstown area. Please get in touch if you wish to help with this.

Quick Note Regarding our Membership
Thank you to all who have already renewed or joined the Association by paying the €20 annual subscription. We’ve put Stripe on our website, so you can now pay online by card. You can also pay by EFT. (See https://www.roebuckresidents.com/pay-now/ for options.)

If you wish to pay your subscription in cash and don’t know who to give it to, please contact us for details of your nearest committee member. You can put the cash in an envelope with your name and address (house number & road).

National Biodiveristy Week
Sorry we missed last weekend’s Backyard Bioblitz to celebrate National Biodiversity Week. Thanks to the resident who sent in an email about it, and apologies that we weren’t on the ball this time! However you can still find some kids’ activity sheets on their website.There is also lots of good stuff on the Biodiversity Ireland website for kids and adults alike. You can submit sightings, view information etc. There are also some really good identification booklets for trees, insects etc. in the Shop section. If any residents are interested in setting up a group to promote greater biodiversity in the area, please get in touch.

Community Games
Thanks to another resident who sent in an email about the Community Games, again we weren’t quick enough to get an email out about it! (Apologies. Stern words were had…) The Community Games aren’t on this year, as you would suspect, but they did have a certain number of online games/competitions. However they didn’t give a lot of time, and the closing date was yesterday.


Airfield Roebuck Residents’ Association Offer
Did you know that as a member of the Residents’ Association you get a special deal from Airfield when buying an Annual Pass? More details on this leaflet from them. They are now opening for Annual Pass holders on an appointment basis. The Farmers’ Market is also back up and running at the weekend, and they are doing some takeaway food options from the restaurant (highly recommend the BBQ takeaway, book in advance).

Art on a Traffic Light Box
Fancy seeing your artwork on a traffic light junction box? DLR, partnering with Dublin Canvas, are extending their public art project to some locations in Dundrum. If you’d like to submit a design, you can find details here. Deadline is June 22nd.

CEO’s Report on Pre-Draft Submissions for the New County Development Plan
You may remember we made a submission to the pre draft of the new County Development Plan for the DLR area. Well the CEO has now made her report on these submissions. You can see the CEO Report on the DLR website. It’s basically a list of comments by DLR on the submissions that were made, and it will go towards the next step in creating the new County Development Plan. You can also see the list of submissions that were made here. A couple that are interesting are the submissions made by the Department of Education, and by the Land Development Agency. (Search for A0134 and A0112 in the Ceo’s Report to find the CEO’s responses to these submissions.) The Department is asking the Council to do more to identify and protect future school sites, and to protect school land. This proactive planning is a new departure for the Department, and one that the Council will hopefully support. The Land Development Agency is asking the Council to remove or change the Institutional Objective. Remember the zoning type that applies to OLG, and also applies to the Central Mental Hospital site? The one about a minimum 25% open space among other things (see here, Section So it will be very interesting to see what the Council does about all this. Will it remove or strengthen these protections? It is also worth nothing that the County Councillors will be voting on these matters. So if you have something to say about all this, contact your local Councillors and let them know what you think.

30 May 2020

IGB Schools – Planning

The planning application for the secondary school is up online on the DLR Planning website. Planning Application Ref: D20A/0268. The final date for lodging any observation/objection is June 29th.

This planning application is for a 5 year period, for temporary buildings for the secondary school, and the location for these temporary buildings are to the front of the site (close to Goatstown Road).

However there are also a preliminary design in this application for the final layout (we’ll call it the “masterplan” for the site), when the permanent schools will be built. You will find this drawing in the planning documents that are online – look for the document called “Site layout plan”.

The scans online for this document are very poor quality, so we went out to the Planning Office in Dun Laoghaire (opened this week, appointment only) and got copies of this particular document. You can see it here.

As you will see in the design titled “Site Development Strategy”, the final school buildings are being proposed for the back of the site. There are no elevation plans with this application, so there’s no way of knowing how high the buildings are intended to be. Presumably at least three storey. Also note the three proposed pedestrian/cyclist access routes marked on this future masterplan – one on Farmhill Road, one on Mount Carmel Road, and one on Taney Avenue. The Council is really pushing what they call pedestrian and cyclist “permeability” in the County, so it is inevitable that there will be pedestrian access into the site. Having multiple access points will hopefully dilute any possible issues with these access ways.

One thing to keep in mind regarding this masterplan, is that this design accommodates the current F zoning, i.e. the requirement to keep the ratio of the built area vs open space at 40% vs 60%. In other words, under the current zoning, only 40% of the area can be built on, including surface area car parking. The zoning on this site will most likely change when the new County Development Plan comes into force in 2022. So, there is a good chance that this masterplan design will change.

Having said that, if you have any comments to make on either the temporary school plan or the proposed masterplan, be sure to submit an observation now.

16 May 2020

Swop Shop Next Saturday, IGB Plans Online, etc.

Lovely day out there today, and hopefully that cold weather is behind us now. Get out for that walk, you’ll feel better for it. A few bits and pieces for you.
1. Government Guidelines for Monday 18th May
2. Swap Shop Day – Next Saturday, 23rd May
3. IGB New Secondary School – Plans Now Online
4. Where Oh Where are the Teddy Bears?
5. Central Mental Hospital
6. Covid Poetry + Short Stories Competitions
7. Don’t Forget the Trees

1. Guidelines for Monday 18th May
The guidelines around the slight easing of restrictions on Monday can be found on the Gov.ie website. You can find the web page here. As you know, they now also advise the wearing of a face covering in certain situations. (They do not recommend that children under 13 wear face coverings.) You can find out more about the face covering recommendations on this web page, as well as a guide that shows how to make your own.
(You can find loads of places online that sell them; here is one magazine article that lists a few options.)

2. Swap Shop Day – Next Saturday, 23rd May
Have you completed your spring clean yet? And now there are no charity shops open to drop all your unloved treasures into! We are going to try a “swop shop” in the area. Leave all your unloved treasures in the front of your garden and place a sign out front to let people know to take them. We are proposing to do this next Saturday afternoon, 23rd May. Have a browse around the area and pick up something you might need. Please maintain appropriate social distance. No money is to change hands. Also, make sure not to leave things on the footpath, you could be charged with littering.

3. IGB New Secondary School – Plans Now Online
The plans are now online for the new secondary school in the IGB site. This stage is for pre-fab buildings, and they still intend to open in September. You can see the location of the site for the school, the access information, and various other things including a traffic report. The deadline for observations has been extended to June 29th to accommodate the Covid delays.You can search for the plans here: http://planning.dlrcoco.ie/swiftlg/apas/run/wphappcriteria.display. The reference number for the application is:  D20A/0268. The plans can be viewed by going to the “Documents” tab, and clicking on “ViewDocuments”.

4. Where Oh Where are the Teddy Bears?
An urgent S.O.S. has been released! It appears that all the Teddies that greeted and waved at all the little people in early Spring have gone into hiding!Statement released today says; “We miss you and we want to see you all out again,  sitting on your window sills waving at us as we go walking with our Mums and Dads. Please ask your Teddy parents if it’s ok to come back to see us. So up on your windows again.”Looking forward to seeing you all next week, From All the Best Boys and Girls and Teddy Fans of Roebuck.

5. Central Mental Hospital
Plans are afoot for the Mental Hospital site. The Land Development Agency who are developing this site released a press release last month. You can see it on the Irish Times website, or the RTE website. You can also read a bit more on the LDA website, and see some interesting images of the existing site.
Note the line at the end: “The LDA will engage in extensive consultation with the public and community groups in relation to this landmark scheme.” Sounds promising, although we have so far sent them a number of emails, and even tried a phone call, but no response as yet…

6. Covid Poetry + Short Stories Competitions
All the poets and writers out there will no doubt be delighted to hear about the Poetry and Short Story competitions being run by DLRCoCo. They are for all ages. The deadline for the poets is May 26th, and the deadline for the writers is 29th May. More information can be found on the DLR website.

7. Don’t Forget the TreesDon’t forget to water the new trees! It’s been quite dry recently, so please keep the new trees watered.