09 Sep 2019

New Secondary School in IGB – Patronage

Mothers, fathers and guardians of children who are due to enrol in secondary school from 2020-2024 (if your child is currently in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th class) in the Goatstown/Stillorgan area are being invited to complete a new online survey (patronage.education.gov.ie). It will remain open until October 4th.

Parents can use the online survey to select which model of patronage they prefer and whether they want English or Irish as the language of instruction.

We still have no idea when the two schools will be built on the site. The primary school opened this month, in a temporary location in Sandyford. The secondary school is due to open next September.

02 Sep 2019

IGB – Update and Zoning

Minister Shane Ross, and Minister Josepha Madigan recently leafleted the area to announce the completion of the sale of the IGB to the Department of Education. Both letters mentioned that two schools will be located on the site. A primary Educate Together school, which is now being temporarily located in Sandyford, and also a 800 pupil secondary school (due to open next September). The patronage of the secondary school is yet to be announced. A voting process to determine the patronage will start soon.

Minister Ross’ letter also mentioned that the County Development Plan would need to be altered (i.e. the zoning of the site) to accommodate the new schools. “Educational purposes” are permitted in principle under the current (F) zoning for this site, so we surprised to see that in the letter. There is a restriction in place regarding F zoning – only 40% of the site can be built on (this includes surface car-parking). We asked Minister Ross for clarification, and this is the response:

With regard to your query; as it stands the site is currently zoned F meaning development covering 40% of the site can take place. That should be enough to cater for one school, however if both schools are built on the IGB site, which is the intention, it will have to be redesignated and voted on by local councillors. It could be done by earmarking the site as School Development Initiative as part of the review of the County Development Plan which is taking place in the next 12-18 months.

Cllr. Anne Colgan is also following this up at Council level with the Head of Planning. We will post a follow-up when we get it.

30 Aug 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Decision Made

An Bord Pleanála made the decision to grant permission for Phase 2 of the OLG development. No substantial conditions were included as part of the grant of permission. It’s a shocking and disappointing result, not only for the residents most affected, but also for the Councillors, T.D., and Council Executive who recommended that permission be refused. The Council view the development as being in breach of the County Development Plan. The issue is in relation to the “Inst” designation on the zoning. However An Bord Pleanála clearly do not agree.

We would like to thank all our elected representatives who supported the residents in trying to stop, or modify, this development. Particular thanks goes to Catherine Martin T.D., Cllr. Jim O’Leary, Cllr. Anne Colgan, Cllr. Barry Saul, and Cllr. Sean O’Loughlin, for all your efforts on our behalf.

You can view the ABP Order, Direction and Inspector’s Report PDFs here.

If you wish to view the DLRCoCo Executive Report, and also, all the observations made, you can find these on the DLR Planning website. The reference number to search for is: ABP30442019. There are 8 pages of documents for this application, the report and observations can be found on the 8th page.

Earlier posts relating to this can be found here:
https://www.roebuckresidents.com/olg-phase-2-plans/ and

20 Aug 2019

Public Consultation – Strategic Housing Developments

In July we made a submission to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government in relation to the proposed extension of the Strategic Housing Development process (the fast track planning process). This was a public consultation by the Department to review its operation and effectiveness. We based the submission on our experience with the latest planning application in Our Lady’s Grove for 132 units.

You can open and view the submission here.

17 Jun 2019

Submission – OLG Phase 2

The residents’ association submitted an observation in relation to the Strategic Housing Development application made by Durkan Estates Clonskeagh for the land at the rear of Our Lady’s Grove.

More information on this application can be found here:
https://www.roebuckresidents.com/olg-phase-2-plans/ and

29 May 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Process for Observations/Objections

As you may be aware the developer of the site in Our Lady’s Grove is using the fast-track method (Strategic Housing Development (SHD)) to apply for planning permission for 132 units, made up of three 5 storey apartment blocks as well as houses etc. An informed resident has done a bit of investigation into the process on our behalf, and so here is how it works in relation to objections/observations from the public:

  1. All our submissions/observations/objections sent to An Bord Pleanála by 13th June must be sent to DLRCoCo for Council view.
  2. There will be a summary of views of elected members after a meeting held to discuss proposals. This meeting of the Dundrum Area Committee will take place on 24th June 2019.
  3. The Council will recommend Permission or Refusal to An Bord Pleanála.
  4. DLRCoCo’s CEO must send this report by 4th July 2019.

As you can see from point 2, there is now an opportunity to make our views known to all the Councillors to ensure they are briefed on our concerns well before 24th June. If you wish to get a list of the email addresses of all the relevant Councillors (Dundrum, Stillorgan and Sandyford/Glencullen Councillors) please let us know.

In order to make a valid submission or observations to An Bord Pleanála a person must:

  • Include the ABP Reference- (In this case ABP-304420-19 Our Lady’s Grove)
  • Make their submission or observations in writing
  • Include the €20 fee
  • State the name and address of the person making the submission or observations
  • State the subject matter of the submission or observations
  • State their reasons, considerations and arguments. – This is where you state your personal observations/objections. It doesn’t have to be written in a technical style, plain language is fine. It can also be as long or as short as you wish
  • Submit the submission or observations before 13th June 2019 (allow plenty of time if posting)

The fee is €20 and this may be paid by cash, cheque or credit/debit card. It cannot be done online. Also the payment must be included with the observation and therefore email observations will not be allowed. We will be happy to deliver any other submissions when delivering the Association’s one. Otherwise the postal address is An Bord Pleanála, 64 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.

This is the only opportunity residents will have to make their views known concerning this development and it is hopeful that as many residents as possible will participate.

To view the plans, and to see photo montages, you can find the links here.

Update 17/6/19
To view the residents’ association submission on this SHD application, view this post.

21 May 2019

OLG Phase 2 – Plans

Photo Montages taken from the planning application.

The planning application for Phase 2 of the OLG site (the site at the back of the campus, sold in 2017) has recently been lodged by Durkan Estates (lodged on 10/5/19). The application is being made as a Strategic Housing Development (SHD) and has been submitted directly to An Bord Pleanála.

The development is to consist of 132 residential units consisting of 19 four bed two storey houses and 3 five storey apartment blocks. Also included is construction of a new Grove After School building. Access will be from the Goatstown Road via the current road going past the two schools.

All the documentation can be found here:

You can see an overview plan of the development here:

Applications made using the SHD approach will not go through the usual planning process, i.e. they do not go through the Council, with the option to be appealed to ABP. Instead An Bord Pleanála will make the first and final decision on this on 29/8/19. Interested parties have one opportunity to make an observation.

Any member of the public can make a submission or observation to An Bord Pleanála in relation to a SHD application. Such a submission or observations must be made within 5 weeks of the date of receipt by An Bord Pleanála of the application. The fee for the making of a submission or observations is €20.

The last day for submitting an observation on this application is 13th June.

For details on SHDs and how to make an observation, see this guide from An Bord Pleanála: www.pleanala.ie/shd/applications/SHD%20App%20Section%204%20Guidance%20for%20Public%20EN.pdf

Update 27/5/19
See here for a link to the ABP Inspector’s Report from Jan ’19, when the initial plans were brought to ABP for consulation, i.e. does the development qualify for the SHD approach, and what the views of the Council are regarding various issues.

Update 30/5/19
To view the process for Observations/Objections, and to see a simpler explanation on how to make one, see this post.

Update 17/6/19
To view the residents’ association submission on this SHD application, view this post.

26 Apr 2019

New School(s) – IGB Site

Various local politicans can neither “confirm nor deny” that the Department of Education is in the process of buying the IGB site to locate the new Educate Together Primary School there. “Most likely” is the phrase that was used when asked if this was true. The school is due to open in September of this year, so a temporary site has been found for it in Sandyford Business District. A 800 pupil secondary school is also due to open in the Goatstown/Stillorgan area in September 2020, so there is speculation that the IGB site will be used for this school too.


Update 26/4/19
Catherine Martin T.D. asked a Parlimentary Question this week in relation to the site, and the acquisition by the Department of Education. As can be seen from the response by the Minister for Education Joe McHugh, it looks like it is most likely that both the new primary AND secondary schools will be located here.


To ask the Minister for Education and Skills the status of two new schools (details supplied) due to open within the next 18 months particularly with regard to the securing of sites; and if he will make a statement on the matter. (Details Supplied) Goatstown Educate Together National School, due to open in Sept 2019; and post-primary school for Goatstown/Stillorgan, due to open in September 2020


As the Deputy may be aware my Department is working to acquire an identified site within the Goatstown Stillorgan School Planning Area for the purpose of providing school accommodation.

It is intended that the site in question will facilitate the provision of permanent accommodation for both the new schools to which the Deputy refers, subject to the views of the Planning Authority.

Pending delivery of its permanent accommodation the primary school will open in suitable interim accommodation in September 2019. The Department has applied for planning permission to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to use a building on Ballymoss Road, Sandyford Business Park as the interim location for the school. A response to a request for further information was submitted by the Department on 22/03/2019 to the Council. A decision on the planning application is awaited.

27 Mar 2019

Charles Hurst Site For Sale, Goatstown Road

The site that’s currently occupied by Charles Hurst Premium Car Sales on Goatstown Road is now up for sale for €6.5 million. It is zoned for residential development. A few years ago there was an unsuccessful planning application to locate a supermarket here. However seeing as the residential property market is now booming, it’s much more likely apartments will be built this time around.

You can read an Irish Times article about the sale here: https://www.irishtimes.com/business/commercial-property/infill-residential-site-on-goatstown-road-new-to-market-at-6-5-million-1.3830237

26 Mar 2019

MetroLink Update – Green Luas

It appears that the MetroLink upgrade to the Green Luas line has been put on hold for now. The revised plan is for the Metro to now terminate at Charlemont.

This is what the NTA say in their Preferred Route Consultation Document:

…the most significant change to the Emerging Preferred Route relates to the interface with the existing Green Line and Charlemont Station. In the original proposal, the tunnel emerged above ground just south of Charlemont and connected to the Green Line. This involved major works in the area of Charlemont and Ranelagh and would have involved the temporary closure of a section of the Green Line to enable these works.

Under the revised proposals, MetroLink will terminate at Charlemont and the connection to the Green Line will be postponed to a future date when passenger demand necessitates its provision.

It’s good to know the Luas Green line won’t now be temporarily closed, as there was a lot of discussion around how long it would take for the work to be done. However questions do need to be asked about how the current Green Luas will accommodate the extra passenger capacity once the massive development planned for Cherrywood starts. The Green Luas is already extremely over-subscribed.

The NTA are now seeking feedback on the Preferred Route, and if you are so inclined you can do that here. You can also go along to one of their public events, (also listed on the MetroLink website).