04 Feb 2019

Daffs and New Trees

You may have noticed the little signs around the area asking people not to cut the grass because daffodils have been planted. The Tidy Districts Team planted hundreds of bulbs around the area before Christmas. We’re hoping for a glorious display over the coming weeks. Thanks again to this very small group for the amazing work they do in our area. If anyone would like to help them out by offering a bit of time every now and then, they’d be delighted. A nice area benefits us all afterall.

You may have also noticed the Council has been active recently removing some of the less attractive trees from the verges. Trees that are well past their prime. We have been in discussions for a while now with the Parks Department regarding improving the amount, and the condition, of the trees in the area. More trees have been planted this season, and will continue to be planted over the coming few years.

18 Nov 2018

Winter Planting

The Tidy Districts’ Team has been hard at work around the area. Some lovely plants for the winter months and also plenty of bulbs for a beautiful Spring display. Bee-friendly lavender planted at the Larchfield Road/Goatstown Road junction, with some grasses to follow. Winter bedding on the Green, and 200 daffodils will be ‘fluttering and dancing in the breeze’ in a surprise location within a few short months.

17 Sep 2018

Coffee Morning Photos

Well done to all who helped out, and donated, at our Hospice Coffee Morning on Saturday morning. Over €1,228.19 has been collected so far, and the box will be in Lynam’s until the end of September for those who couldn’t make it but would still like to contribute.

Included in the photos is a shot of Ronan Markey’s pop up composting information stand. Useful links for composting and the stopwaste.ie website etc. can be found in our previous post here: www.roebuckresidents.com/hospice-coffee-morning-stop-waste-compost-advisory-stand/

Update Oct 2nd: €1,333 was raised in total, and the Residents’ Association contributed a further €167 to bring the total up to a fantastic €1,500. Well done all concerned.


14 Sep 2018

Hospice Coffee Morning + Stop Waste/Compost Advisory Stand

As well as the tea, coffee and lovely pastries and treats from Lynams, tomorrow morning’s event will also feature an advisory pop-up stand for the Stop Waste campaign. This will be run by a local resident, Ronan Markey, and will feature a small scale model showing what a composting site looks like, leaflets, free spaghetti measures and free rice portion spoons promoting the EPA’s – Stopwaste.ie campaign.

We’re very happy to support Ronan with this worthwhile project.

You can download a composting information leaflet here:
Compost Booklet

There is also a course that will be run in Herbert Park starting on the 19th September. The closing date is today (14th Sep), but if you are interested please talk to Ronan tomorrow morning, as places may still be available. Click here to view the course leaflet.

Some further useful links:

17 Jul 2018

10 Min Tidy-Up – Judging on Thursday Morning

We hope you’re enjoying all the summer entertainment so far? Trump/Putin, Brexit etc.

But back to more local matters – this year’s Tidy Districts’ judges will be arriving this Thursday morning. With that in mind, we’re asking all residents to do a quick 10 minute tidy-up outside your house.

If you were planning to cut your grass, please do it before Thursday (at the highest setting on your lawnmower). Also, a lot of weeds have survived the drought and are popping up everywhere, so please remove them from verges and beside kerbs and walls.

The very hard working Tidy Districts team would like to thank you for your co-operation, and would also like to thank all residents who helped keep the flowers and plants watered throughout the drought.

05 Jul 2018

Tidy Districts Judgement Day + Weeds Info from DLR

Tidy Districts Judgement Day
The judging period for Tidy Districts has just begun. Will we make it three years in a row? The stress of it all. All residents are asked to put in a special effort, please tidy up your verges, and your neighbour’s if they’re not able to/away/too lazy!

18 bags of weeds and edgings were collected at our last tidy-up evening. The (very small) Tidy Districts team is putting in superhuman effort to get our area into shape. All help is much appreciated.

And please don’t forget the poor trees! The new ones, from this year and last year, will be really suffering in this heat. The odd bucket of water would be much appreciated. Washing up water etc. is perfectly fine.

Weeds Info from DLR
We got some information regarding weeds from the Environmental Awareness section of DLRCoCo.

Grass won’t grow significantly under extreme drought conditions. If you’re going to cut your grass it’s recommended you cut it on the highest possible setting.

The Council is no longer spraying weeds, see here. If weeds are an issue in your area you can report them to info@dlrcoco.ie Please take a picture of the weeds, if they meet certain predefined criteria a crew will be sent to physically weed the area. This is an extremely positive step for our wildlife and is fully endorsed by the Environment Awareness Section.



16 Jun 2018

Tidy-up Evening

There will be a tidy-up evening this Thursday (21st June) at 8pm. We’ll meet at the shops and the main objective is to pull weeds from paths/ kerbs/ roads. We will provide bags but please bring gloves and equipment.
Only two weeks to go now before the Tidy Districts judging season starts (they can come anytime in July).
Sure what would you be doing anyway. Watching Love Island? Seriously?
27 May 2018

Wildflower Meadow – Friarsland Road

If you haven’t in a while, you should take a walk down Friarsland Road to see the beautiful wildflowers that have been nurtured on the green at the end of the road. A lovely little patch of bee-friendly wilderness on our doorstops. Well done to all involved in the ongoing and slow but steady transformation of this space. In particular to local bee-keeper Kieran Harnett, Máire O’Donohoe and all the Tidy District team.


13 May 2018

Bin Experiment in Rosemount

A local resident fed-up with the rubbish and dog poo being left in Rosemount field decided to install their own bin! The word on the ground was that it was done in order to make a statement to the Council. This is the fact that caused a bit of fury – there are two public bins in the whole of Goatstown/Rosemount, compared to the very short stretch of road in front of the Council offices in Dún Laoghaire, on Marine Road, where there are eight big belly bins. Eight.

The bag was replaced a few times by various residents until it got a bit too much for amateurs to cope with. Come on DLRCoCo; we may be all the way over here on the less trendy eastern edge of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, but don’t we deserve a bin too?!