12 Feb 2021

CMH – Letter to LDA, T.D.s and Others

We sent a letter to the LDA, c.c. Minister Catherine Martin T.D., Minister Josepha Madigan T.D., Neale Richmond T.D., John Moran, Chairman of the LDA, and Robert Burns, Director of Infrastructure, DLR CoCo.

We outlined our experience of dealing with the LDA to date, our concerns, and our hope that we might instead begin to have a constructive and collaborative relationship in regard to the development of this site.

Our area borders the entire eastern perimeter, and the majority of, the southern perimeter of the Central Mental Hospital site.

The information that is currently in the public domain is:

  • 14 storey buildings proposed
  • 1,300 units proposed
  • A proposed road across a green open space/playing field
  • Unrealistic parking allocations (c430 spaces) proposed

We already experience significant traffic rat-running through our area, plus our community faces four significant developments in our area (comprising over 2,400 units – CMH, Our Lady’s Grove, Vector Motors, 2 new schools in the IGB site) along with all their associated infrastructure demands

It’s not surprising that significant concerns are emerging among our members.

You can read this letter here.