25 Feb 2021

CMH – Letter to Taoiseach – Group of Residents’ Associations

Roebuck Residents’ Association, along with all the residents’ groups located around the perimeter of the Central Mental Hospital site, have come together to write to the Taoiseach and to the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage.
The groups are:

  • Annaville/Dundrum Road RA
  • Roebuck RA
  • Mulvey Park RA
  • Frankfort Park RA
  • Rosemount RA
  • Highfield & Westbrook RA
  • Taney RA

Between us, we represent 1,410 households (c3,880 residents), and border the entire Central Mental Hospital Site.

We acknowledge that this significant site will be developed; indeed we understand the wider societal need for housing, and appreciate the attractiveness of the site as a location. In addition, we wish to set out the fact that our RAs want to work collaboratively and constructively with the LDA in finalising plans for the Central Mental Hospital (CMH) site; we strongly believe that this will result in the best outcome for all parties.

However several serious concerns are emerging which are common to all RAs:

  • Height
  • Density
  • Access/traffic
  • Demands on existing infrastructure

Of particular concern to many RAs is the manner in which the LDA is undertaking engagement. Based on the LDA’s actions to date, the strong perception is that key decisions have already been made regarding the development and we feel that we are being “railroaded” through a box ticking process masquerading as an engagement exercise with the aim of producing something that works for the LDA, and not our communities. This is not an acceptable or democratic way of conducting business by an agency of the State.

You can read the full letter here.