20 Feb 2021

CMH – Make a Submission

The closing date for submissions for this phase of public consultation for the Dundrum Central project is next weekend, 28th February. It is very important that as many residents as possible express their opinions via this public consultation.

We strongly encourage every resident to make a submission. We also suggest you copy your email to our elected representatives.

We are sure you already have plenty of opinions about the concept proposal the LDA have put forward. However if you are in need of suggestions, you can read the Residents’ Association’s objectives for the development here, and see the letter we issued to the LDA, T.D.s etc. here. You can also see our visual mock-ups here.

The email address to send your comments and opinions on this proposal for the Central Mental Hospital site is: community@dundrumcentral.ie.

Make sure to include your home address in your email, so they can see you are a resident here.