17 Jun 2023

Deputations – Meetings with DLRCoCo 

Deputations – Roebuck Residents’ Association’s meetings with DLR County Council 

You might not be aware, but committee members meet with DLR council representatives every six months in order to raise new issues/changes, or to discuss ones previously raised, with the aim of improving the area. As part of this ‘deputations’ process, we raise up to five issues/changes which the council can address. The results of previous deputations have been very successful, and have been implemented quickly by the council. Examples include bulb planting on Goatstown Road, Friarsland Road bench, narrowing of junctions, repair of footpath on Farmhill Road. We would welcome any suggestions for future deputations. 

To give you an idea of issues/changes raised – as part of the most recent deputation in May we discussed the following:

Verge Trees – The Council have agreed to replace some dead trees and plant new trees in the empty spaces. We will be preparing an inventory of verge trees over the next few weeks to give to the council, so if you are aware of any dead trees, or have any suggestions for new trees, please do let us know.

Footpaths – repairs and replacements have recommenced on Farmhill Road.

Potholes – The lovely one on Farmhill Road/ Larchfield Road will be filled.

Parking/ double yellow lines

We asked for a number of double yellow lines on corners/ junctions etc. as residents have expressed concerns for children walking to school and the path has been obscured by parked cars, forcing them onto the road. All statutory road markings have to be approved by the Gardaí and in a change to their stance in previous years, they are no longer granting approval for double yellow lines within housing estates. 

However, the Gardai stated they plan on enforcing ALL parking offences locally. By way of reminder, it is an offence to park:

– Where there are white or yellow zig-zag lines near a pedestrian crossing

– Wholly or partly on a zebra or pelican crossing or at pedestrian lights

– Fifteen metres before or five metres after a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights

– Where there is a single or double continuous white line along the centre of the road

– Wholly or partly on a footpath, a grass margin, a cycle lane or track or a median strip

– Within five metres of a road junction unless parking spaces are clearly marked

– In an entrance or exit for vehicles to or from a premises, unless authorised by the occupier of the premises