30 Mar 2022

Dundrum Road – New Town?

We have added up all the developments being planned for Dundrum Road (we are including the Old Shopping Centre in this), and the numbers are, quite frankly, startling. The total number of units being planned for Dundrum Road alone (just the road, not the environs), is 2,462. To put this in perspective, if you very conservatively multiply that by a figure of 1.5 persons per household, that gives a new population of 3,750. Roughly the population of Carrick-on-Shannon, or possibly Kilcoole, on this one road. This does not include sites on this road that are due to be developed, but for which no plans have been lodged yet, e.g. Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

This lack of planning is a direct result of the SHD system. If you have any comment to make about this, we suggest you contact our elected representatives.

231 apartments – Mount St Mary’s (Marist) Dundrum Rd, granted 25/8/21
115 apartments – Highfield Park/Frankfort Castle, Dundrum Rd, granted 20/12/21
64 apartments – American Golf, Dundrum Rd, TBD by 8/4/22
977 + 80 units – Central Mental Hospital, Dundrum Rd, TBD
111 apartments, Sommerville/Larchfield, Dundrum Rd, TBD by 27/6/2022
884 apartments, Dundrum old shopping centre, application to be lodged any day.

Total : 2,462 units