09 Apr 2018

Frogs in Roebuck

We recently sent an email to residents which included a link to a national frog survey. Our resident beekeeper Kieran Harnett got back to us with this photo of a very pretty pond he has built to encourage local biodiversity.

“I started a wildlife pond out back here on Friarsland Road last year and seeded it with frogspawn.

I successfully populated the area around my last place with frogs and we missed having them around since we moved over here.

The little darlings happily hopped off around the neighbourhood last summer and I’m expecting them back to do what frogs do in the pond, once the cold snap is over.

The males arrive first, returning to their birthplace, by scent it is thought,  and commence croaking to attract the females.”

What a lovely idea. Hopefully we can expect to see lots of little amphibians roaming around Roebuck this summer. He finishes with:

“If residents could keep an eye out for them, especially when cutting the grass, and perhaps consider letting an area of lawn go wild to give them more habitat, it should help them get established.”

If you’d like to record any other wild species you’ve come across in the area, you can do so here, on the Biodiversity Ireland website: records.biodiversityireland.ie/ (click on “Go” beside “Click here to start recording”).

So far we’ve heard of foxes, frogs, badgers, deer in the area. Anything else?