01 Apr 2020

IGB – Planning Application

A planning notice has just gone up for temporary school buildings on the IGB site. The application isn’t online yet, and the planning office in Dun Laoghaire is closed. The details on the notice says it is for 4 prefabricated buildings on a defined site area of 0.83 hectares, surrounded by a 2m mesh fence. Access gates with associated site works including provision of entrance to site, and hard surface play area. Permission for a period of no longer than 5 years is being sought. It’s dated 27th March, and there is a 5 week window to lodge an observation. Although we believe the new Covid emergency legislation brought in last week includes an extension of three weeks to this 5 week window.

The new principal for the Educate Together Secondary School going into this site has been appointed. You can read more here.