26 Jul 2016

Insect Hotel + Butterfly Box

You may have noticed the boxes and logs in and under the trees down at the green in front of the shops. As part of criteria for the Tidy Districts Competition, we’ve created some environments to help increase insect biodiversity in the area. Some information below. We’ve also put up a charming sea-shell wind chime, handmade by one of our local teenagers. We won’t embarrass her by naming her!

Insect Hotel
The habitats of many insects are being threatened by climate change, but this wooden box offers several species of insect the opportunity to sleep, nest and hibernate together.

To encourage pest controllers and beautiful insects, each small compartment will make a protective nest space for different insect species.

The colours and materials used have been carefully chosen to attract as many different types of insects as possible.

Within different hollows and compartments a host of Hyleaus, Masonry and Mining Bees can be happily housed alongside Lacewings, Ladybirds, Earwigs and other insects.

Butterfly Box
The butterfly lodge provides a year round home in which butterflies and moths can roost, breed and hibernate.

Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Comma butterflies could use the house for hibernating, where as Silver-Washed Fritillary butterflies could use it for breeding, laying eggs and hanging their chrysalis.