20 Jul 2016

Mysterious beast spotted in the IGB

Can it be true, do we have large wild animals wandering around close by? Should we be proposing a zoo or a farm, or even a hunting range, for this site? (An Italian member of the committee, who shall remain nameless, suggested we cook it in a red wine sauce. Another nameless committee member suggested we bronze it for the green in front of the shops.)

Check it out for yourselves. Click to zoom in, it’s roughly in the centre of the picture. This photo was taken by a resident on Farmhill Park from the lane behind the houses there. (Thanks to David for sending it on.)

How did it get in there??

Update: We’ve since heard that backgardens on Farmhill Drive, that back onto the site, have been visited by badgers. Also we believe there are owls and bats in there too. A wildlife haven it seems.