26 Jan 2016

Neighbourhood Watch Meeting – Monday 8th Feb, The Goat

Following on from the delivery and collection of forms before Christmas, we are now moving on to the next stage of setting up Neighbourhood Watch. Thanks to all who filled out the forms and are in support of setting it up. A special thanks to all who have volunteered to be street coordinators.

The next stage is a general meeting with members of An Garda Síochána to discuss how it works and what is involved. We are holding this meeting at 8pm, on Monday 8th February, upstairs in The Goat Pub. All residents are invited.

We are endeavouring to get the message out about this meeting to as many people as possible. Please tell your neighbours if you think there is a chance they may not be aware this meeting is being held.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in The Goat on Monday 8th at 8pm.