18 Nov 2018

New Dundrum LAP – Issues Paper

The Issues Paper for the new Dundrum Local Area Plan has just been released. This is the first draft of a LAP for the Dundrum area. It’s an important document for the residents of Roebuck and surrounding areas, as it’ll be an opportunity for us to comment on future development and associated infrastructure in our locality.

It is particularly interesting for us, as the area proposed includes the Central Mental Hospital, Rosemount, and Mount Carmel Avenue. Considering the Central Mental Hospital is being developed in the near future (approx 1,500 units), this document will probably be the main opportunity we have for any sort of input into the planning issues around this. (Providing the LAP is finalised before the development process begins.)

The Issues Paper attempts to highlight the most significant issues that may be of interest but the list is by no means exhaustive and other issues may be raised by the general public and other interested parties.

If you wish to contribute, please make a submission to the Planning Authority at this Pre-Draft stage before 5pm,  Friday 14th December, 2018.

Two Information Sessions for members of the public will be held on the following dates:

Tuesday 27th November 2018 Council Offices, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum
3.00pm – 8.00pm

Tuesday 11th December 2018 Council Offices, Dundrum Office Park, Dundrum
3.00pm – 8.00pm

To view this document, click here: