29 Jul 2016

New Fenced Entrance at Rosemount

You may have noticed the new fenced entrance way at the Rosemount fields. We think it looks better than the rocks that were there, and works well for pedestrians, bikes and buggies etc. A good solution. The council installed it at the end of June. The last day of school in Our Lady’s Grove actually. So the poor workmen had to contend with crazed kids running around having their end of school picnic (the kids and parents had to walk all the way up to Rosemount for this as there is no grassed area they can use down at the school – but that’s another story…).

So, thanks to P.J. in the Parks Department in DLR for sorting this out. They also plan to clear out a lot of the vegetation along the walls, join up the two paths at the back of the field, and put in a bit of planting.