10 Jun 2016

New Planting at Mount Carmel Avenue

The Tidy Districts team have been busy with more new planting, this time at the junction of Mount Carmel Avenue and Rosemount Green. This is one of the borders of our area and an entrance point, so to speak, to Roebuck. So it’s important it looks well. It’ll take a bit of time of course for the plants to fill out a bit, but it should look great after they get established. Watering the plants in this dry weather will be the most challenging part. If anyone on Mount Carmel Avenue would like to volunteer some watering duty, we’d really appreciate it. We’d be happy to contribute towards water charges, if that’s a consideration!

I think it’s fair to say that Mount Carmel Avenue is probably the area most in need of a bit of love within our boundary! The verges on this stretch are not great, and could be hugely improved. If residents on Mount Carmel Avenue would like some help with their verges etc., we’d be happy to offer assistance.