03 Mar 2016

New Trees!

The Parks Department of DLR has planted a number of trees around our area following requests from the committee. Well done Garrett! The new trees can be seen on Larchfield Road, Larchfield Park, Goatstown Avenue, Goatstown Road and Friarsland Road. More are to follow, although it may be next year’s planting season before we get them.

There seems to be two species of tree, possibly Whitebeam and Rowan? Anyone care to guess before the leaves come out?

The council has suggested that residents take responsibility for watering the new trees. If you have a new tree in front of your house, can you please make sure that it gets at least two basins/buckets of water each week (more if it’s particularly sunny). Newly planted trees, especially bare root trees like this, don’t have the root structure to survive dry periods. By the way, to prevent adding to water bills – it doesn’t have to be straight from the tap! Rain water, bath or sink water will be fine.