12 Oct 2018

OLG Hockey Pitch – Permission Granted

DLR planners recently (4th Oct) granted permission for the hockey pitch planning application at the Jesus and Mary Secondary School, OLG.

There were six conditions attached, none of which pertained to the points originally raised by the planners when requesting further information, except one relating to our observation requesting community access.

“2. The reasonable use of the hockey pitch outside of school hours shall be made available where feasible and appropriate and where it will be of benefit to the wider community. The existing car parking shall be made available to facilitate this.”

The points raised by the planners relating to a Masterplan requirement, the justification of the reduction in school site size, or the requirement for a pedestrian/cycle entrance onto Friarsland Road, are not referenced in the conditions attached to permission being granted.

It’s a curious response from the planners. One which will no doubt have ramifications for the residential development planning application, which we believe is to go in soon.

Click here to read the notification of decision to grant permission.