28 Jun 2018

OLG Hockey Pitch – Response from DLR Planners

On foot of the planning application recently submitted by the Jesus and Mary College, OLG, for a new hockey pitch, DLR County Council have released three documents. They are requesting further information from the developers, who have six months to respond.

It makes for fascinating reading, and essentially what it means that this application, and also the main residential development (the planning application of which was due to be submitted during the summer), cannot proceed until these issues are resolved. The planners are not allowing any further “ad-hoc” development of this site, and are attempting to future-proof the area around the schools to allow for expansion. The reference to the recommended area size of schools is very interesting. Something we haven’t seen before.

The main points are:

· A Masterplan is required for the entire 6.4 Hectares Site in accordance with County Development Plan 2016-2022.

· Clarify why the hockey pitch is being relocated and why the school site is being reduced contrary to technical guidance (Dept. of Educ.)*

· Demonstrate how future expansion of the school has been taken into account.

· Undertaking that the facility will be made available to local community. Also name the outside hockey club that is referenced.

· Existing car parking to be available for after hours use of facility.

· Provide a new Pedestrian/Cycle entrance from Friarsland Road and Roebuck Downs to school grounds. (DLR Transportation Section)

*The Primary school has an area of 0.75 hectares and the Secondary school has circa 2.58 hectares (Total 3.33 hectares). The current application reduces Secondary school site to 1.55 hectares (Total 2.3 hectares). Department of Education and Skills recommends Primary 1.04 hectares and Secondary 3.13 hectares (Total 4.17 hectares). This is well below standard.

So it appears there is now huge opportunity to get a comprehensive Masterplan for the entire site (Original 6.4 hectare site) and to protect these Institutional lands so that they are developed strictly in accordance with the DLR County Development Plan 2016-2022 and allow for the future needs of the OLG schools. Something that should have been done right at the very start.

One of the residents on Friarsland Road submitted a very strong observation letter outlining these points. It would be interesting to know if it was on foot of that letter that the planners have raised these points.

The documents are :
Decision (12 pages)
Planners Synopsis (1 page)
Notification to developers (5 pages)

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