14 Feb 2021

OLG – New Planning Application, Student Accommodation

Here we go again. A new planning application has just gone in (dated February 12th) for the site on the Our Lady’s Grove campus. It is an SHD (fast-track) application for 698 bed student accommodation, with 9 car parking spaces.

It is in 8 blocks, with 3 to 6 storey buildings over lower ground floor, which appears to mean 7 storeys judging by the images provided.

The website to see all the information is: www.ourladysgrovestudentshd.ie, The Planning Report can be found here. The visual mock-ups can be found here. The design plans are here.

The reference number for An Bord Pleanála is PL06D.309430. The last date for observations is 18th March. (To search for this on the ABP website, enter 309430 in the search field.) You can also find all documents etc. on the DLR Planning website; search for ABP30943021.

You can find details on how to make an observation to An Bord Pleanála here. It is now possible to make an observation online.

We would also strongly encourage you to let your elected representatives know your views regarding this development. The Council also submits a report to the Board, and the Councillors feed into this.

We have received PDFs of the Board’s Opinion, the Inspectors Report and DLRCC’s Opinion. This is in relation to the Consultation stage, i.e. the pre-application stage of this application. A huge amount of the opinion in these reports is still valid for this application. The parts relating to Open Space, Future Expansion of the Schools and Trees in the DLRCC’s Opinion makes for particularly interesting reading, and would be very useful for those wishing to make an objection.

Soviet era blocks 1
Soviet era blocks 2
Soviet era blocks 3