06 Oct 2016

OLG Site – Phase 1, The Grove – Planning Observation No.2

The Residents’ Association lodged another letter of observation in relation to the issues mentioned in this post:

Durkan’s came back with the Further Information requested of them by the Planners. In this document they outlined their response to the Planners’ statement that the access at Friarsland Avenue should be free of gates. Their response was:
2.11.1 Applicant’s Response
As granted permission under Reg. Ref. D11A/0595, this pedestrian access at Friarsland Avenue will be operated by a cardholder access or other security measure (available only to the proposed residents) between about 5pm and 8am. The access will be open during daylight hours for pedestrian access through the school at all other times. This facilitates safe and efficient movement by school children from Friarsland Avenue to the schools. The permitted arrangement was discussed at the post-RFI meeting with the Local Authority and it was agreed that as this arrangement is as per the permitted scheme it is proposed to be retained as part of the RFI response.

For many reasons we believe that this access should not be restricted in this manner, and so we lodged a further letter of observation to again highlight this to the Planners. We also wanted to point out some safety concerns regarding small children and the new short-cut route.

This is the letter of observation we lodged. You can view all documents relating to this case on the DLRCC Planning website. The Reg. Ref. number is: D16A/0212.

Following on from this, the Planners have now granted permission, dependent on various conditions. One of these conditions is that:
The Applicant shall submit drawings and details showing the pedestrian access from Friarsland Avenue to ‘The Grove’ at the southwest boundary of the site not gated to provide unrestricted permeability for pedestrians/cyclists. Details of this shall be agreed in writing with the Planning Authority prior to the occupation of the first unit on site. REASON: In the interest of pedestrian and cyclist permeability and the proper planning and sustainable development of the area.

So in summary the entrance-way will not be gated. We are talking to Durkan’s at the moment in relation to how the entrance-way will look.

Another interesting point the planners raised as a condition of granting permission is they want to see a small play area within The Grove. This was very welcome news.
The Applicant shall locate a children’s play area in the open space to the west of Terrace 4. The proposed children’s play area to the north of Terrace 6 shall be omitted and this area shall form part of the overall open space serving the development. Details of this shall be submitted to and agreed in writing with the Planning Authority prior to the occupation of the first unit on site. REASON: In the interest of residential amenity.
It will be a small play area, but still, it’s great to hear the Planners are taking these things into consideration. No matter how small, it will be a great asset to The Grove, and other nearby residents, when complete.