06 Mar 2017

Our Lady’s Grove – Phase 2 Update

The Religious of Jesus and Mary have decided to sell, without planning permission, the Phase 2 Land (this is the land at the back left hand side of the Education Campus on which the original primary school stood) for residential development purposes. The land was advertised for sale in the Wednesday 8th March edition of the Irish Times.

This is surprising news, as they had originally been working with property consultants WK Nowlan to get planning permission before attempting to sell.

Click here to view the online sales brochure.

Click here to view the ad in The Irish Times.

So far as we know, these lands are zoned as “Institutional”. (If there are any resident planning professionals among our members, perhaps they might offer their services?). This means there are certain conditions that must be adhered to from a planning point of view. You can read more about this here, in the DLR County Development Plan 2016 – 2022, 8.2 Development Management, page 179, Section XI Institutional Lands. Of particular interest is:

“A   minimum   open   space   provision   of   25%   of   the   total  site  area  (or  a  population  based  provision  in  accordance   with   Section   whichever   is   the   greater)  will  be  required  on  Institutional  Lands.  This  provision  must  be  sufficient  to  maintain  the  open  character  of  the  site  –  with  development  proposals  built around existing features and layout, particularly by reference to retention of trees, boundary walls and other features as considered necessary by the Council.”

Also see Section Public/Communal Open Space – Quantity, (i) Residential / Housing Developments, page 205.

The schools currently have no grassed areas the school children can use, and have to walk all the way to Rosemount field if this is required. Only time will tell if even a small part of this land will be available for public use. Let’s hope the planners will take this into consideration when granting permission, as the vendors certainly didn’t.