07 Jun 2016

Our Lady’s Grove Site – Phase 2

The field at the back of the school site at Our Lady’s Grove is next up to be sold and developed. This is the land that backs onto Larchfield Road and Friarsland Road on two sides, and the hockey pitch to the north. The Religious of Jesus and Mary have commissioned property advisors WK Nowlan to draw up plans and apply for planning permission for a residential development before the site is sold.

We (members of the committee) have met with a representative from WK Nowlan and have been informed that they are aiming for a low density development, ideally all houses. However with the pressure for housing at the moment, it remains to be seen what the planners, and indeed the future buyer of the site, will want to see it become. The hockey pitch will remain, although it will be “turned 90 degrees”, and a sizeable green area will be included in the design to fulfill planning obligations (So far as we know this section applies to this site – County Development Plan, Policy RES5: Institutional Lands, www.dlrcoco.ie/files/devplan2016_2022/media/pdf/Written_Statement/section2.pdf, page 9), as well as providing a grassed area the schools will have permission to use.

Although we were shown three possible plans for the site, we weren’t given a copy to distribute. The plans, we have been told, are not finalised. We are aware that there will be a lot of residents extremely interested in this development. WK Nowlan are to provide us with further information to pass onto the residents backing onto the site. We will send out an email when this information comes to us, and will also drop in leaflets (the leaflets will be dropped into the houses backing onto the site).

We were informed that they wish to get the planning application up during the summer.