24 Mar 2021

Goatstown Road – Roadworks

It appears Goatstown Road will be closed southbound from the junction with Roebuck Road all the way up to The Goat for the next 5-6 weeks. There will be no access southbound (i.e. coming from town heading to The Goat direction) except for buses. But there does appear to be northbound access (i.e. heading into town direction).

“GMC will be commencing works at the Goatstown Road/Larchfield junction this week on behalf of Irish Water. The works are scheduled to take 5-6 weeks to complete and traffic management measures will be required to facilitate the works. Please see attached maps showing the diversion route along Roebuck Road that will be in place. If any require any further information please contact customerservice@gmcirl.com.”

You can see a PDF with details here.

31/3/21: A new PDF with slightly more detail can be found here.

23 Mar 2021

Survey Results

You may remember we asked you to fill out a two part survey last month. The results of both parts – ‘Dundrum Central’ and ‘Traffic & Travel’ are below.

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to participate. We would especially like to thank the volunteers who organised and delivered physical copies to our ‘off-line’ households. We were really encouraged to see such a high level of community engagement.

The ‘Dundrum Central’ survey results informed our submission to the LDA’s concept proposal for the site. As you know, we have been arguing that given the scale of what is being proposed (basically what amounts to a new town), combined with the inadequacy of the current SHD planning process, real substantive engagement with the neighbouring communities is vital.

We’re disappointed to report that the LDA’s approach has been lacking in this regard. So far we feel it has been more of a box-ticking exercise than real engagement. However with the support of our elected representatives, we will continue to attempt to engage with the LDA to attempt to achieve an outcome that works for everyone.

The local traffic and travel results also make for interesting reading. We will be passing it, all comments and all feedback on to the Council and Councillors in due course.

You can view the survey results in PDF format here – Dundrum Central Survey, Traffic and Travel Survey. Or see gallery versions below.

Dundrum Central Survey:

Traffic and Travel Survey:

08 Mar 2021

OLG – Council Meeting

We recently sent an email to the Dundrum, Stillorgan and Sandyford/Glencullen Councillors regarding the upcoming Dundrum Area Committee meeting on 10th March 2021, when the Colbeam SHD for Our Lady’s Grove site on Goatstown Road will be considered. We asked that the Councillors read our email and our attached letter, ahead of this meeting. It provides useful information regarding the background and issues relating to this SHD application.

No doubt they have already received many emails from concerned residents. We expect that an unprecedented number of objections to this development will be submitted to ABP.

In summary:
The local community is opposed to this development. It should be refused permission for many reasons, not least because it materially contravenes the CDP 2016-2022 in numerous ways.

Material Contraventions that relate to this development:

1. Density
The density proposed (164.62ha) is a Material Contravention of the CDP 2016-2022.
(See section 2.1 attached.)

2. Height
The height of the north, middle and south blocks represents a Material Contravention of the CDP 2016-2022.
(See section 2.2 attached.)

3. Open Space
The Provision of Open Space fails to “maintain the open character of the site” and is a Material Contravention of the CDP 2016-2022.
(See section 2.3 attached.)

4. Tree Removal
The removal of trees from the site represents a Material Contravention of the CDP 2016-2022.
(See section 2.4 attached.)

5. Future Needs of the Schools
The failure to “have regard to the future needs of the school and allow sufficient space to be retained adjacent to the school for possible future school expansion/redevelopment”, represents a Material Contravention of the CDP 2016-2022
(See section 2.5 attached.)

Further detail can be found in our attachment.

01 Mar 2021

CMH – Submission – Initial Concept Designs

We have put together a lengthy and detailed submission in respect of the concept designs put forward by the LDA in relation to the proposed development of the Central Mental Hospital site.

We are aware that Ireland is in the midst of a housing crisis. It needs housing, but the right type of housing that works for all. The State, through the LDA, are commencing what is perhaps the biggest public home building project in the state since the 1930s. They have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to take an over-arching and ambitious approach to this site and how it integrates with existing communities.

We perceive that the LDA is applying a “private developer” mindset; maximising units, minimising costs and focusing on the Development to the detriment of the wider communities into which it is attempting to fit. This is to the detriment of other state agencies who will be left dealing with the resulting problems. This is fundamentally wrong.

We note that the LDA’s strategic framework specifically includes “Generating partnerships and collaborations with partners and other people seeking to deliver affordable sustainable homes” and speaks of partnerships with local authorities. Nowhere do we see a reference to partnership with local communities, nor a commitment not to decrease the quality of life of those communities.

We stand ready to become one of those partners, and reiterate our commitment to endeavour to work collaboratively with the LDA in order to ensure that the proposed Development works not only for the LDA, but also for our members, our community and, most importantly, our neighbouring communities.

You can read the full submission here.

01 Mar 2021

CMH – Cross-party Councillors’ Submission

As you know, we have been communicating with our elected representatives over the past while in relation to the proposed designs put forward by the LDA for the Central Mental Hospital site. We have informed them of our experiences with the LDA to date, as well as putting forward our community’s issues with the concept designs.

We are very happy to see many of our issues reflected in the cross-party letter written by all Dundrum Councillors in relation to this phase of the project. They have come together to write a powerful letter to the LDA outlining their concerns. The Residents’ Association would like to commend them for representing us in this manner, and thank them for all their efforts.

The signators are:
Cllr. Jim O’Leary (FG)
Cllr. Anne Colgan (Ind)
Cllr. Peter O’Brien (Labour)
Cllr. Daniel Dunne (GP)
Cllr. Shay Brennan (FF)
Cllr. Seán McLoughlin (Ind)
Cllr. Anna Grainger (FG)

You can read this letter here.

27 Feb 2021

IGB – Permission Granted

DLR County Council has granted permission for temporary school buildings on the IGB site. This is to house the secondary school (Goatstown Education Together Secondary School). The permission is valid for five years. The development will consist of prefab type buildings at the front of the site (Goatstown Road side), and a path running through the site with pedestrian/cyclist openings at Mount Carmel Road and Farmhill Road. We hope to have a meeting with the Principal soon to discuss various issues.

You can read the Planner’s Report here.

You can read the Decision Letter here.

27 Feb 2021

The Goat – New SHD Application

It doesn’t rain but it pours. This is the 4th new development planned for the Goatstown Road in recent months. A new SHD application has been submitted for the site at The Goat pub. This development is to consist of approx. 300 apartments in blocks up to 8 storey high, a 22 bed hotel, 6 retail units, a childcare facility, and extension to the pub.

Details can be found here: http://thegoatshd.ie/
The final date for observations is 30th March (to be confirmed).

25 Feb 2021

CMH – Letter to Taoiseach – Group of Residents’ Associations

Roebuck Residents’ Association, along with all the residents’ groups located around the perimeter of the Central Mental Hospital site, have come together to write to the Taoiseach and to the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage.
The groups are:

  • Annaville/Dundrum Road RA
  • Roebuck RA
  • Mulvey Park RA
  • Frankfort Park RA
  • Rosemount RA
  • Highfield & Westbrook RA
  • Taney RA

Between us, we represent 1,410 households (c3,880 residents), and border the entire Central Mental Hospital Site.

We acknowledge that this significant site will be developed; indeed we understand the wider societal need for housing, and appreciate the attractiveness of the site as a location. In addition, we wish to set out the fact that our RAs want to work collaboratively and constructively with the LDA in finalising plans for the Central Mental Hospital (CMH) site; we strongly believe that this will result in the best outcome for all parties.

However several serious concerns are emerging which are common to all RAs:

  • Height
  • Density
  • Access/traffic
  • Demands on existing infrastructure

Of particular concern to many RAs is the manner in which the LDA is undertaking engagement. Based on the LDA’s actions to date, the strong perception is that key decisions have already been made regarding the development and we feel that we are being “railroaded” through a box ticking process masquerading as an engagement exercise with the aim of producing something that works for the LDA, and not our communities. This is not an acceptable or democratic way of conducting business by an agency of the State.

You can read the full letter here.

24 Feb 2021

CMH – Presentation to T.D.s

Here is the presentation we have given to Minister Catherine Martin T.D. and Josepha Madigan T.D.. We will also be presenting to other politicians in the coming days. It is a powerful presentation that accurately reflects how this development will impact on us. We perceive key decisions have already been made, and that we are being “railroaded” through a box
ticking process masquerading as an engagement exercise with the aim of producing something that works for the LDA, and not our community.

The currently proposed development will create legacy issues – Roebuck Residents’ Association (and others) and DLR CoCo will be left to deal with the aftermath for years to come.

You can view this presentation here.