10 May 2016

Reclaim the Footpaths – Help Romance to Blossom in Roebuck!

The Roebuck Residents’ Association has entered the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Tidy Districts Competition. So with that in mind, we would like the area to look the best it can for the competition. Representatives from the competition will be visiting to review the area at any time from now on.

  • We are asking all residents to cut the grass on the verge outside their house. It would be good if you could also cut back any grass growing on the footpath or kerb at the edges of the verges. This would help make the verge neat and tidy and if all residents were to do this the area would look better.
  • In addition, there may be overgrowth of branches and vegetation that are obstructing footpath use. We are asking that residents look at the path outside your house and remove any vegetation from your garden growing above the footpaths. This would remove obstructions to pedestrians using the footpaths.
  • If there are weeds in the footpath outside your home please remove.

We ask you to please review the above to help enhance our area. The safety of pedestrians is a concern, especially at night when it’s hard to see vegetation. Nobody wants to make a trip to The Eye & Ear with “twig eye”! So please, cut back overhanging and encroaching bushes and trees.

Romantic walkWe are in touch with the county council about the council-owned trees on the verges,  and hopefully they will remove offending branches, but residents also need to look to their own gardens. Parents with buggies or small kids on bikes know how annoying it is when passing houses with big hedges that encroach out onto the path. It makes going two abreast difficult if not impossible. The same is true for wheelchair users. And of course not forgetting the more romantic among us – romantic walks are better holding hands rather that walking in single file to get around vegetation.

Please help romance to blossom in Roebuck!


Finally, a couple of other things:

  • Dog poo continues to be a problem in our area. We ask all dog owners to bin the poo please. It’s a health hazard to young and old, and there is no excuse for it.
  • People are asked not to dump any grass clippings or garden waste in public areas e.g. Friarsland Green and Rosemount Green.

We welcome feedback from the residents so please respond with any comments you wish to make. Also, if you wish to send in any “before and after” photos, or any general “proud of my garden” photos, please do and we’ll put them up on the website!