03 Apr 2021

Roebuck Green

We are just one week into the Green project, and we are delighted with the very positive responses from members and the great progress that has been made already. The first phase is almost complete, and for this we extend our thanks to the Parks Department of DLR County Council. 

The old path is gone, and the new winding path is almost complete, with an attractive beige finish (similar to that seen on new cycle lanes) still to come. That may not happen for a few weeks though. The four new seats are in situ and everyone agrees they are a great addition. They have a hoggin base, which will take some time to compact firmly. Everybody loves the logs, and they will return shortly. The mounds have been created from the excavated top soil, and will be seeded this weekend. We ask everyone to stay off the mounds until the grass has grown. 

A schedule for planting will be finalised over the next few weeks and will include an extensive range of shrubs and plants. This will take place on a gradual basis over the coming months. We will have to wait till the Autumn for some of the planting, e.g. new trees. Overall we will be guided by the experts on this. A lot done, more to do, as some were wont to say!