14 Apr 2016

Rogue Traders – Newspaper Delivery

It has come to our attention that some houses may have had handwritten notes put through their doors advertising free newspaper deliveries, (click here to view this note). Please treat these notes with suspicion. Paul in Lynam’s has received a notice in response to this practice from the CSNA (Convenience Stores & Newagents Association), notifying customers that these are not agents of Independent Newspapers. (Click here to view this notice.)

In case you have trouble reading the notice, the relevant points are the following:

From: CSNA – Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association
Beware Rogue Traders
Every householder needs to have confidence that people entering their property are acting in a legal fashion. You may have recently been approached by canvassers offering Independent Newspapers delivered to your home. Independent Newspapers have informed retailers that they are unaware of this offer and that canvassers are NOT agents of theirs.