16 Sep 2016

Rosemount Field – Some Digging Works to Start


Residents will probably have noticed the DLR sign on the Rosemount field railings at the Mount Carmel Road/Larchfield Road entrance. The council have informed us that they will be running services to the new location for the new dressing rooms. These services will connect to Larchfield Road and will run along the path. The new changing rooms will be porta-cabins.

No confirmation was given in relation to when the new changing rooms will be installed, or when the two paths will be joined.

The council will also be cleaning up and grass seeding the small area next to the new black railing entrance, as well as removing the two big stones. They will also be trimming back some of the boundary vegetation.

Budget allowing next year, they may put more silver birch trees along the path in the field towards Larchfield Road.