16 May 2016

The Green in Front of the Shops

The Tidy Districts Committee is putting great effort into getting the area spruced up ahead of the visit from the judges. You might have noticed that the green in front of the shops is slowly being transformed. We have great plans for this area in the future, but to start off with we’re working with what’s there at the moment.

So you might have noticed a new planter, a very smart looking newly painted bench, and new planting around the trees. Environmentally friendly planting is the goal here, with logs for insect life and more drought resistant plants. We’ve also added some more traditional bedding plants too to add some summer colour. We are endeavouring to have the grass cut shorter and more regularly from now on. Well done to everyone involved, it’s been a real team effort. If you’d like to get involved in gardening duty, and you haven’t already been in touch,  just let us know. There are great plans afoot for all the green areas within our boundary.