15 Nov 2017

Tidy Districts Competition 2017 – Marks Awarded

Apologies for taking so long to upload the judges’ marks and comments. You can download and view the .doc file here.

The judges’ comments are particularly inspiring!

The properties in this area are well kept with lovely variation making
Roebuck a unique and attractive place to live.

The roads and grass verges were maintained to a very high standard and
you have an excellent maintenance program.

The landscaping was of a very high standard in particular the green area
in front of the shops. The bench received great use and is a welcome and
valuable asset to the area. Although the planting around the trees are
attractive we recommend that you avoid such planting as this can stress
the trees and require additional watering maintenance for the plants in
these locations. You might consider creating extra flower beds and use
drought resistant perennials which cater for our pollinators instead.
The clearing of the grove and extra bulbs planting is welcome and was
noted by the judges. The idea to exchange bulbs for light bulbs is a fun
and highly innovative initiative!

There was very little litter in the area it was clear that there is a real
dedication to fighting litter in the area. Graffiti does not appear to be an
issue in the area and your programme to deal with any incidents is good.
You might consider asking the Council for a (free) graffiti clean-up kit to
tackle the rare occurrences.

Your community initiatives are first rate, particularly the monthly coffee
morning for elderly residents and you have established excellent links with
the wider community. The various sub-committees are also doing sterling
work in their efforts to bring about improvements to the area.

You’ve made significant efforts to create a fun and safe community for
local children. You might like to engage them in a special nature project
where they have ownership of the design and implementation. It’s a great
way to engage young people and let them see their opinions and ideas are
considered. You’re also likely to attract a few extra parents…

It was also good to hear of the campaign for planting at the school
grounds border.

The use of a water butt is very welcome and shows you are considering
aspects of environmental management.

Congratulations for retaining your best housing estate title. Your
innovative ideas set you apart title in a very competitive category.