14 May 2017

Tidy Districts – We Need Your Help!

We still haven’t quite gotten over our unexpected win in last year’s Tidy Districts’ Competition! A damp flannel and a lie down in a darkened room is still occasionally called for. You can refresh your memories here and here.

Winning in the first year we entered means the pressure is really on for this year. So basically we are in need of some help people. So how can you help? Like this:

  • We’re having another clean-up day on Saturday May 20th. Can you spare an hour or two of your time that morning? Meet at 11am at the Green in front of the shops. Bring gardening tools. If you can’t make it, we can drop bags to your house. You can then leave them on the Green by Monday.
  • Can you donate any plants and/or bulbs? If so, please drop them down to the Green on Saturday morning, or email roebuck residents@gmail.com and we will arrange collection.
  • Could you help out occasionally with gardening duties?
  • We need people to help with watering the plants, if needed. No gardening ability or interest is needed for this task!
  • Do you have any handyman skills? Very small handyman type jobs need to be done very occasionally.
  • And finally, remember to save your used energy saving light bulbs. We can swop these for flower bulbs in the Great Bulb Exchange later in the year.