16 Sep 2016

Traffic Calming – 30km/hr Speed Limit

A member of the committee attended a meeting about traffic issues last week in The Goat. Councillor Karen Furlong organised the meeting, but unfortunately wasn’t able to attend due to illness. Ciara Metchette from Knocknashee Residents’ Association chaired the meeting in her absence, and local T.D., Catherine Martin also attended.

Representatives from numerous local residents associations attended.

It was agreed at the meeting  that a 30 km/hr speed limit should be implemented in our area, and the wider DLR County with main road exemptions. With that aim in mind, representatives will meet with the Director of Municipal Services at Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council to discuss our traffic and safety concerns.

Some links to documents mentioned at the meeting:

  1. 30/01/2016 media report from the Oireachtas website on the introduction of Jake’s Law:


  1. Link to the European statistics on the decrease in crashes, injuries and fatalities in areas where a 30 km/hr speed limit has been introduced:


  1. DLR Councillors’ Meeting Agenda on 4th May 2016 in which Speed Limits were discussed. Page 17:

“Draft Road Traffic Special Speed Limit Bye-Laws 2016”.

  1. Link to an Irish Times Article dated 20th May 2016 showing Dublin City Council’s proposed phasing of the introduction of 30 km/hr across their area with main road exemptions including map of phased introduction copied below:


At the meeting, Catherine Martin TD offered to find out information on a number of issues including speaking to her Green Party colleague, Ciarán Cuffe on the methodology used by Dublin City Council on the phased introduction of a 30 km/hr speed limit in most of their area with main road exemptions etc. so we look forward to her response on same.